Watermelon: this is Why the seeds are extremely healthy!

Water melon seeds better eat!

When the temperatures are climbing, and supply, in particular, water-melons, a tasty refreshment. What many do not know, however: the often spurned cores very high quality nutrients for our health.

Help in weight reduction

A delicious watermelon on a hot day is a real pleasure and can help to survive the summer heat notwithstanding. Due to the high water content of up to 95 percent of the water melon is very low in calories and refreshing. 100 g of ripe fruit of meat provide less than 40 calories. The fruit is therefore recommended for people who want to lose weight. What is not known to many: the seeds of watermelon should be removed for health reasons, better, but to be eaten. However, note something important.

Good Thirst Quencher

Watermelons are usually traded as a fruit, botanically they belong to, however, like all other melons, to the plants of the Pumpkin.

Watermelons are actually a vegetable, are not only good thirst quencher, but also very healthy.

Valuable ingredients including Provitamin A, B vitamins, Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, sodium and Magnesium.

What is not known to many: in the nuclei of numerous healthy substances stuck.

Full of healthy ingredients

Nowadays, coreless or core are often offered poor water-melons. But that robs the vegetables of healthy ingredients. Because in watermelon seeds, among other things, vitamins A, B, and C. plug in Addition, they contain valuable minerals such as iron, calcium, and Magnesium.

But that’s not enough: The seeds also contain fiber, which help to stimulate the digestion.

Cores of chewing thoroughly

However, it is important to chew the watermelon seeds thoroughly, because otherwise they can lead to intestinal inflammation.

In addition, the useful nutrients will not be released if the seeds remain whole.

Who does not want to chew the seeds, but not the health benefits without, can you crush, for example, with a mortar and pulverized to give in to other foods such as cereal or a Cup of tea from it to prepare.

In addition, there is the possibility to roast watermelon seeds and sprinkle them over a delicious salad. (ad)