Wall Workout: For this workout you need no gym

The Fitness Challenge of the Hollywood fitness trainer Jeanette Jenkins draws more and more people – even celebrities to jump on it.

Recently actress and singer Jada Pinkett Smith shared on Instagram, the wall Workout with the famous fitness expert.

The wife of Will Smith recommended it to everyone to try it also times: “Try it! It is a SUPER Routine, and you don’t even need a gym for that!“

The wall works-Workout

Celebrity trainer Jeanette Jenkins called the developed wall-Workout to “7 Exercise Core & #Wall workout challenge“.

With seven Exercises, belly and legs will be challenged to the Extreme – here, a wall serves as the only Equipment.

How this works, power it on Instagram. All seven of the Exercises are repeated for 30 to 60 seconds.


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1. Mountain Climbers on the wall

Hands on the floor, feet on the wall and then upside down:

Pull your knees – like the normal Mountain Climber on the ground – in fast exchange as close as possible to your chin.

2. Toe Taps

Solve a leg from the wall and tap with your foot shortly on the ground, before you return the leg back to the starting pose of the head.

Then the other leg’s turn.

3. Walk out & in

To put your feet on the wall. You have to bring your legs a little lower, almost parallel to the ground.

Marching now with hands and feet, a few steps to the right, then to the left again.

4. Alternate Knee Crosses

The right plank will stay in the horizontal position, the feet are, as before, supports mounted on the wall.

Now you pull the right leg to your left shoulder and bring it back to the wall.

After that, the left leg is pulled to the right shoulder follows.

5. Hand to opposite knee

Now it is a bit more difficult.

You’re still alternating knee crosses (Exercise 4), but now triggers at the same time the opposite Hand and lead you to the knee – a real balancing act!

6. Walk the Plank-to-Squat-jumps

Once turn around, please! Now, placing the feet on the wall, but the body with arms outstretched in a long line in a treckten push-UPS.

Now you release the hands from the wall and placing them in the right angle on the bottom of your chest – welcome to the Plank!

In the next step you bring your feet in a swing on the height of your hands and abide briefly in the Squat Position.

From here, you’ll end up the Exercise with a jump from the Squat to the top, go back to Plank and bring the arms back to the starting position on the wall.

7. Single Leg Wall Jumps

By now it should be avoided on a resistant wall without Wallpaper.

You stand up with about one Meter distance, with his face to the wall.

Now you put a foot in approximately a 90 degree angle to your other leg on the wall, jump with the other leg and hit you over the support of the leg on the wall so high, and stretched as possible.

Then the other leg’s turn.

For fitness professionals is a Challenge

In a total of three sets, the fitness Queen of Los Angeles requires with your Workout, a lot of their imitators.

As easy as it looks, not her Workout, however, but of the Hand.

“Let’s say, my entire body middle, and my torso were bruised for three days!", the trainer admits to your followers.

But: What is a Fitness Challenge would be, even without physical effort?

By Larissa Bright Mouth

*The contribution of “wall-to-wall Workout: For this workout you need no gym” is from FitForFun. Contact with the executives here.