Under the microscope: TV presenter and Strictly winner Ore Oduba, 34

Under the microscope: TV presenter and Strictly winner Ore Oduba, 34, answers our health quiz

 TV presenter and Strictly winner Ore Oduba, 34, answers our health quiz

TV presenter and Strictly winner Ore Oduba, 34, answers our health quiz

Can you run up the stairs?

Yes, but I’ve been in better shape, like when I did Strictly in 2016. Sometimes half an hour is all I can get in at the gym, doing some cardio. I used to work out with my wife Portia at home when our son Roman [now two] was smaller because we could just pop him in his bouncer. He’s sprinting around now.

Get your five a day?

I’m not brilliant at it. Portia is in charge of the grocery list. We’ve cut back on meat during the week, substituting vegetarian meals for dinner, such as veggie spaghetti bolognese. I feel better for it.

Ever dieted?

Growing up in London with three siblings, there were a lot of mouths to feed and we’d whack into massive bowls of fried rice or pasta. I started putting on weight, so I cut all those out in my late 20s and I lost half a stone in a fortnight. It’s only recently that I’ve started re-introducing them. I have scales, but I haven’t weighed myself in two years.

Any vices?

Pastries — especially a cheese twist, and an ice-cream-based milkshake.

Pop any pills?

I take vitamin C when I’m on the road to prevent me picking up colds.

Cope well with pain?

I’m a real wet! My wife likes grooming my facial hair, especially my eyebrows, getting her tweezers out while I pull faces.

Tried alternative remedies?

No, but I am an advocate of 15 minutes of daily mindfulness to clear your mental clutter.

Ever been depressed?

I’m a positive person, but I do get worried about things. I love my family and I’d do anything for them. My biggest worry is not being able to support them, which is why I work like a dog, or at least I try to!

Hangover cure?

Orange juice and lemonade helps. Pancakes, maple syrup and bacon is my favourite morning-after breakfast.

What keeps you awake at night?

Being able to sleep anywhere has been my superpower, ever since I was young. I’ve even been known to sleep standing up! Having been mocked about this for years, I’ve also passed this ability onto my son.

Biggest phobia?

Birds! They’ve got beady eyes and sharp beaks which freak me out. When I was presenting This Morning a couple of years ago, the famous psychotherapists, the Speakmans, tried to get me over my fear. They brought in a parrot called Indie, whose wingspan felt about 10ft wide, which they then put on my arm. I’m still terrified!

Like to live for ever?

No! Life is about making the most of it and living it to the fullest, not the longest.

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