Turns Out Anxious People Make Better Employees

We’ve all been there: sweaty palms, racing thoughts, butterflies cutting laps in your belly. Eugh, anxiety sucks. But as unsettling as the symptoms are, it can be a very useful emotion – especially when it comes to the workplace. 

In a study published in ScienceDirect, researchers established that those constantly worried about letting others down feel a greater need to prove their worth than their chilled out colleagues. And, as a result, are more likely to perform better.

In addition, it was noted that: “highly anxious subjects showed a greater job involvement because they might undervalue their own accomplishments when at remunerated employment, attempting to get involved and productive in the job itself.”

However, how you handle your anxiety is key here:

A second study published in 2017 looked at how workers handled high-pressure situations. They found that those who viewed stressful events as challenges – rather than threats- actually gained energy from their anxiety.

The point? Nerves (within reason) can work to your advantage. Something to remember next time you’ve got to make an important preso at work. 

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