Turmeric-cooking book and the 7-days-turmeric-cure

Table of contents

  • New edition: The turmeric cookbook from the centre of the health
  • The diversity of our turmeric recipes
  • The 7-Days-Turmeric-Cure
  • Our turmeric recipes are guaranteed!
  • Practical Spiral Binding
  • Take a look in our turmeric-cook book!

New edition: The turmeric cookbook from the centre of the health

Turmeric, the yellow root from East Asia, is an indispensable part of our kitchen. Since regularly new scientific findings will be published on the effects of turmeric root, we are fascinated by your health, which is so precious properties. We love not only its taste, but also for their revitalizing and healing effect.

In many articles, we have retardant on the properties of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant turmeric root have been reported. For example, how well Curcumin is the main active ingredient of turmeric – affect Diabetes, as the root of the nose provides sinusitis or Arthritis relief, how it protects against Alzheimer’s, fights cancer, or to support the body’s own detoxification.

It is worth therefore enormous, and turmeric regularly in the diet. In order to achieve them easily, we have to cook in December 2017, after months of Tasting and recipe develop our turmeric-cook book published. Almost a year later (autumn 2018) expect a new edition.

We have cooked all of the recipes again, checked and still a beautiful photograph. Also, we have replaced the somewhat more elaborate recipes for everyday tauglichere, so the book is suitable not only for the weekend, but also in the stresses of everyday life when preparing fast and healthy meals is a reliable companion.

The cookbook you can order it here.

The diversity of our turmeric recipes

Turmeric fits in almost any dish – whether it’s dried powder, or freshly grated root. Even in recipes that you wouldn’t get on immediately with the turmeric typical spicy-earthy Aroma, turmeric for taste effects, you would soon abandon. The freshly grated root in harmony, for example, is quite wonderful – together with a bit of fresh ginger in a fruit salad consisting of grapes, oranges and bananas.

Also in a Breakfast smoothie turmeric is a must. Even in my cereal it fits perfectly, just as in the milk-rice, to scrambled eggs and Ravioli. Much less exotic is the use of turmeric in rice and vegetable dishes recipes, in soups, Dals and millet and Potato. But no matter what combination of turmeric and enjoy want to test, in our turmeric-cook book you will find every idea of a delicious-refined recipe.

You will also discover what to look for, so that the Curcumin can be absorbed by the body and in the bloodstream. Of course, just as the correct dose is important because turmeric otherwise it will hardly show an effect. To solve the dose Problem, we have developed the 7-days-turmeric-cure.

The 7-Days-Turmeric-Cure

With the 7-days-turmeric-treatment, reaching the effect required turmeric amount. Since this amount would be for a single meal is much too high, it is distributed on three meals per day on a filling Breakfast, a delicious main meal and a light soup in the evening.

The corresponding recipes are designed in such a way that they are very well tolerated in a higher-turmeric-dose, without the turmeric flavor would be noticeable back in the foreground. Practically don’t even need the lunch recipes more than 45 minutes for preparation, so that the 7-days-turmeric-cure is also suitable for people who do not want to spend so much time in the kitchen.

Note: turmeric has a positive effect on the blood coagulation of a property, the circulatory System protects. Who must, however, already taking anticoagulants (“blood thinners”) should first discuss the quantities of the consumption of larger Turmeric, as they are used in the 7-days-turmeric-cure, with the doctor. Because turmeric may increase the effect of the drugs.

Our turmeric recipes are guaranteed!

Since we are not made often the experience that recipes in cookbooks are not necessarily coherent and, therefore, also fail, we have let our recipes from different chefs, with several sample cooking and optimize, so that a chef is assured of success.

Practical Spiral Binding

For our cookbook, we have selected a spiral binding. It allows for easy Handling in the kitchen, since the book remains in the selected recipe easily added. The cover pages are of stable quality, so that the bookends without a book on a bookshelf can be placed.

Take a look in our turmeric-cook book!

Illustrated our book with lots of photos, which are alone reason enough to take the book in Hand and it is a pleasure to leaf through. You can get the turmeric-cook book in the Shop of Fair Trade Handels AG, where you can also take a comprehensive look into the book:

The turmeric cookbook from the centre of the health

We wish you much joy with our turmeric-cooking book, enjoy cooking and of course a good appetite!

Your Team from the centre of the health

P. S. With the purchase of the turmeric-cook book, you support our free website, we help on a daily basis to many thousands of readers, to feel healthier and happier. Thank You!

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