To feel four steps to testicular cancer independently

With a simple hand-testicular cancer itself can be palpated handles

Testicular cancer is feared by men. He is detected early, the chances of recovery are in contrast to other cancers very well. Men can identify by Feel even early on, whether a change has occurred. Therefore, urologists recommend regular self-examination, which can be done very easily.

Rising New Cases

Each year, around 4000 men are diagnosed pain to the Testicles . Are affected according to Doctors, especially young men. A worldwide increase in incidence rate is observed. Why this is so, is not yet been finally clarified. Some studies suggest that cell Phone radiation could be the cause. Undescended testicles are also regarded as a risk factor. Also, hereditary factors are suspected to be the cause for an increased risk of the disease, because the Tumor occurs in part within a family history. Many people think that Cycling is also a trigger, but this is denied by medical professionals.

Testicular cancer include a total of the more rare cancers. According to health experts, 20 – to 40-Year-old were mostly affected. You should scan regularly, your balls and hardening. A testicular cancer to the patients affected often by a painless induration and/or swelling of the affected testis.

So the self-examination of the testis works

1. When Sampling first, the scrotum and testicles in the open palm of your hand from below and slightly to move up and down. A feeling for the weight and size of the testicles is formed.

2. Then each testicle individually, the testicle between the thumb (above) sampling: For that, as well as the Index and the middle finger (below) rolling back and forth. Roughness or nodules are felt easily.

3. Palpable also in the epididymis, which can be like a cap on the top and on the outer side of the testicle and easily with an eye-catching finding confused are.

4. Finally, in the mirror test, whether a swelling in the area of the scrotum is conspicuous.

Men should pay attention to whether a unilateral painless enlargement or hardening of the testicle or a small, hard, painless knot on the testes. Similarly, a feeling of heaviness, testicular pain, or a Pull in the testicle area can be a warning.

Not every change is equal to cancer

However, not everyone who discovers when Scanning an unusual bump, has testicular cancer. It could also be the epididymis or the result of an injury. Also, testicular pain is not necessarily related to a malignant disease. An abnormality was found, it means to arrange in a timely manner an appointment with the urologist. It is important when the appointment is made on changes on the testes so that the date of the award is accelerated.

Young men should take on a regular basis in the step

“Men, especially young men, are known to be extremely precautionary shy and consider themselves to be invulnerable. Many boys in puberty have the issue of testicular tumor, understandably, not on the screen. While testicular cancer is, with approximately 4000 new cases per year the most common cancer of young men,“ explains Prof. Dr. Christian Wülfing.

Testes was diagnosed with cancer at the doctor, and should not be Affected in a state of panic. According to the urologist, testicular cancer is around 95 percent of all cases can be cured, however, usually only by a surgical removal of the affected testis. The therapy does not affect the sexuality, the pleasure. But: “Before the treatment, sperm is deep-frozen
preserve, as testicular cancer and its therapy endanger fertility“.

During a General Screening for early detection is not recommended, the regular self examination of the testicles, especially in young men makes sense. In the Presence of risk factors according to the guideline, the Presence of a germ cell tumor should be clarified. (sb)