This is How Your Favorite Celebrities Practice Self-Care

While self-care is often used as just another buzzword with an abstract meaning behind it (Are sheet masks, yoga, and water bottles swirling around in your brain at the very mention of the word?), putting self-care into actual practice is a game-changer for mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical wellness — and your favorite celebrities are some of the biggest advocates for the many ways you can practice self-care.

The aforementioned sheet masks, yoga, and water bottles (for drinking water, of course) are totally valid and fantastic ways to get your self-care on, but self-care can also be as simple as spending time with your pets, like Jonathan Van Ness, or giving yourself a compliment, like Ashley Graham.

We’re not just encouraging women to practice self-care, either — self-care is for everyone, including men. Snoop Dogg and Frank Ocean are two celebrities who encourage men to get into self-care, sharing how they like to take care of themselves as a way to normalize the practice for people of all genders. Some readers may be surprised to find out both Snoop and Ocean cite beauty practices as their favorite forms of self-care, and we love that they’re both publicly pushing the boundaries of gender norms.

Whether you’re looking for ways to implement self-care into your own life or you’re simply curious about the practices your favorite celebrities do on the daily to boost their health and wellness, read on for insights from Beyoncé, Jennifer Aniston, Serena Williams, and more.

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