These Desserts Only Have 2 Ingredients, & They're Totally Amazing

If you were born with a sweet tooth, you know what it’s like to get a late-night sugar craving, to plot your dessert when you’re still eating breakfast, and to salivate through the pastry department when you make your grocery runs. And if you like to make your desserts from scratch, you might get a little overeager in the baking-supplies department. Chances are you don’t really need that second bottle of sprinkles, right? But what if we told you you could make a decadent dessert with merely two ingredients?

If you want to keep it simple every once in a while, we recommend these two-ingredient desserts. They’re easy, fast, and delicious, and they won’t require you to pull every last baking supply down from your cabinet to make them. (Seriously!)

And when you’re ready, you can level-up to three-ingredient desserts.

2-ingredient chocolate cake

One egg and melted chocolate later, and you have yourself a truly decadent, gluten-free chocolate cake.

2-ingredient coconut bites

For a guiltless sweet treat, opt for these coconut bites made with just shredded coconut and chocolate.

2-ingredient Nutella puff pastry

What’s a dessert roundup without Nutella? The Food Charlatan’s Nutella puff pastry is easy to make, too; just wrap a dollop of Nutella into puff pastry.

2-ingredient cake batter truffles

What’s even easier than making a two-ingredient dessert? Making a two-ingredient dessert that requires zero baking, like Sweet C’s cake batter truffles. All you need are yellow or white cake mix, one stick of melted butter, and, if you want a pop of color, sprinkles.

White hot chocolate

This white hot chocolate really is as easy to make as it sounds. Combine white chocolate and warm milk for a sweet and soothing sipper.

2-ingredient peanut butter-caramel dip

Crunchy peanut butter and caramel sundae sauce come together to make a dip that will make you eager to eat your fruit — apple slices, frozen bananas, you name it!

2-ingredient cherry pie bites

Store-bought phyllo cups make quick work of a batch of cherry mini-pie bites. Top them with whipped cream if you feel like going all in with a third ingredient, or keep things simple.

Cookies & Cream Oreo bark

Cookies and cream Oreo bark is a treat so simple the kids can help make it. Keep it for yourself or pack it up in a cute tin and give it as a gift.

2-ingredient “Pop Tarts”

You don’t need to buy Pop Tarts at the store when it’s so easy to make them at home! Piecrust and jam are all you need. If you do have the extra time (or the craving for even more sweetness), you can drizzle on some simple homemade icing, too.

2-ingredient chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

Macadamia nuts are luxe enough to taste like an indulgent treat when they’re simply covered with chocolate.

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