The Secret Behind Jennifer Garner’s Perfectly Shaped Physique

Jennifer Garner is just getting fitter and more fabulous with each passing day. Like millions of other fans, we too were excited to find out the secret behind her stunningly in-shape-physique, especially those toned arms. The one person that has to be thanked for helping the actress to stay devoted to her fitness regime is the expert trainer – Simone De La Rue.

Talking about the details of Jennifer’s workout routine, Simone told that she suggests exercising an hour for 5-6 days a week in case someone is looking forward to achieving a goal. When it’s just about maintaining the shape, 3-5 days a week is enough, as told by the fitness expert.

What does she do to keep it interesting? On that, Simone stated that she keeps on changing the type of workout so that her clients do not get bored. She makes sure to include strength training as well as cardio for which there are routines like resistance band training, bouncing on trampolines, planks, jumping rope and even dancing.

The celebrity trainer also shared that the main thing is to be genuinely happy about the workout you do and that’s the motivation which keeps you going. Same works with her client Jennifer.

Just like emphasizing on the importance of workouts, Simone doesn’t forget to specify the point that diet plays a more significant role in getting the results that you are aiming for. In fact, it’s 80% diet clubbed with 20% exercise that actually works. Neither can’t be missed. About Jennifer’s diet, her trainer tells that for the start she encouraged her to avoid sugar, dairy, starch, gluten, and alcohol to detoxify the body and then suggested a paleo diet which helps in muscle building. The focus remains on increasing protein consumption which is why the paleo diet works best as it includes only fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins.

Wait! the best suggestion is here: for dessert, you can always have a chunk of chocolate – just like Simone does it.

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