Study: Intensive use of Facebook due to too much Stress

A lot of Stress leads to Facebook Addiction

Interesting of friends noticed and communicate: social networks are one of many people to the daily life. However, in some phases of Facebook and Co are used excessively, for example, if you have a lot of Stress. According to researchers, this can lead to a kind of “Facebook addiction”.

Problems due to intense Facebook usage

Social networks such as Facebook have become indispensable for many people. However, a too intensive use can cause a strong isolation feeling and the mental well-being strain, have shown how two of the older scientific studies. In addition, the risk of addiction. Especially for people who live in the everyday life a lot of Stress. This was the result of a new study by German researchers.

Strong Stress can lead to a more intensive use of social networks such as Facebook. Then the risk of addiction is sometimes even. (Image: peshkova/

Pathological attachment to social networks

Though friends in social networks such as Facebook can be in times of Stress is a great help; if it is missing offline support, exists the danger, that stressed – out Users develop and user a pathological attachment to the social network-a kind of Facebook.

This was the result of a team of scientists from the research – and treatment centre for mental health at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), Dr. Julia Brailovskaia.

The results of the study were published in the journal “Psychiatry Research”.

Students are often stressed

For their study, the researchers evaluated the results of an Online of survey, the 309 Facebook users between 18 and 56 years, answered had.

“We have invited to our survey targeted students, because they are for various reasons more or less stressed,” explains Julia Brailovskaia in a message.

For one, students were often under pressure to perform. On the other, many of them leave the parental home and the local social network, you need to lead for the first Time your household are working to establish new relationships.

The questions the researchers could, for example, to draw conclusions on the stress level, but also on how much social support the subjects of offline and online experience.

In addition, they were asked how much time do you spend daily on Facebook and how you will feel when you can’t be online.

The negative effect can be mitigated by friends and family

“Our results have shown that there is a positive correlation between the strength of the daily Stress, the intensity of Facebook use and the tendency to develop a pathological attachment to the social network page,” explains Julia Brailovskaia.

This Support lessens by friends and family in the offline life this effect.

People get offline just a little support, have to develop, therefore, the highest risk, a kind of Facebook addiction.

Dangerous Vicious Circle

An addiction symptomatology is characterized, among other things, that people are spending more and more time on Facebook, thoughts are constantly with Facebook are busy and uncomfortable feel, if you are online in the network.

As the message explains, this is a pathological behavior, in turn, is harmful to the offline life, so that a vicious circle can arise.

“That must be taken into account in the treatment of people who have a pathological attachment to Facebook or where it is suspected that,” says the psychologist. (ad)