Slimmer, thanks to DNA on a diet?

Who in the evening, hungry, and the pasta from yesterday out of the fridge and warm make want to get, and could soon see the following scene: A small screen on the inner side of the door welcomes the Hungry with name. Then a small light flashes, it beeps. Alarm! “Daily dose of carbohydrates recommendation: stir-fried vegetables exceeded. Caution: do Not excessively add salt!”

How? No Noodles? And not even salt? The fridge know, what nutrients are in what quantities for its owner well? Yes, at least if it is programmed correctly. And especially if he knows the genes of its owner.

So anyway, it imagine some researchers and pharmaceutical companies to investigate the relationship between diet, food utilization, and genes. Nutrigenetics this branch of research is called. Basic idea: The DNA is to decide whether we tolerate such as milk or eggs get.

Genes decide who is prone to Obesity

22.500 genes the person has. In this case, the genetic material of two individuals differs by only 0.3 percent. However, this small difference decides who gets a bald head, who has flat feet and who Smile a particularly radiant. Nutrigenetiker assume that you also control how well the body uses the food and what man is prone to Obesity.

Following the results of a study of the Federal office for statistics, had 2017, approximately 53 percent of adults in Germany too much on the Ribs. And 16 percent were obese, so obese. And also in other Western industrial Nations, the number of Obese is increasing.

The reason: too large of food and too little exercise. Nevertheless, There are people who adhere strictly to the diet guidelines of the Ministry of health and still on the increase. Other evidence of the Pizza with extra cheese and Gert stay slim.

Nutrigenetiker believe that these differences are anchored in the genes – and make amazing discoveries. Is explored, in the meantime, for example, the so-called FTO gene. it is a long series of Nucleotides in the 16. Chromosome. It has long been assumed that Hunger and controls in the brain. Recently researchers in Boston, however, is that the FTO Gene is rather responsible for whether fat cells burn fat more save. The reason for this is found in our animal past: increased FTO activity is ensured in a particularly cold times to ensure that our fat padding is thick and the heat were saving. Evolution works pretty slow.

Many of such associations between the genome and our diet have already been decrypted. The hope of the researchers that a genetic profile will individual diet recommendations.

Not only is the science sets great hope in the Nutrigenetics. Also, some companies new business opportunities. After all, who wants to own genes, according to feed, you must first know what genes he has. In the case of Doctors, pharmacists, and fitness trainers can be purchased in the required saliva test. Corporations such as Genetic Balance of Würzburg or GoCAP from Cologne promises about “not 08/15, but 100% you!”-Diets.

The “Bodykey”program from Nutrilite is associated with various dietary supplements that fit the recommended diet. The scientific coating, such companies give on their Websites, it has a similar promotional effect to that of the laboratory atmosphere in the toothpaste advertisement.

The samples are mostly examined on a few genes, from which conclusions on the right to food be considered. The customer is then often one of several categories, which are broken down by the company very clear. It then or not. But such is the way with any diet.

Consumer skeptical

The consumer rewards the efforts of an individual diet to offer. However, she also warns against excessive euphoria: Too complex our DNA is, as that individual genes are not sufficient to draw conclusions on the complete metabolism. Genes influence each other. A meal was also self-made millions of the stock. It was still much too early to make a comprehensive diet, to derive a concept, so the consumer advocates.

How dangerous are the consequences of a hasty analysis can be seen in a Gene called MTHFR. For every ten people, a Mutation can determine the causes the Vitamin folic acid is not absorbed by the body very well. Chronic pain, severe fatigue and depression can be the result. Such a Concerned, it would offer perhaps a dietary Supplement. New findings show, however, that an Excess of folic acid promotes these people the tumor formation. A more detailed research is often necessary.

Nutrigenetics is still a very young science, because the the human genome was only decoded before the age of 19. According to little, the DNA diets are explored. As long as this is so, you can hang a note on the refrigerator door, the one admonished to pay attention to the calorie intake.