Secret tip for bed: The Dolphin position provides sensory variety in Sex

Variety in bed can be exciting, but also pretty exhausting. Many positions from the Kama Sutra, requires a lot of body control and can therefore lead quickly to a disappointment.

There is also another way: with the Dolphin, for example, a sexual position that offers exciting erotic but not acrobatic requires feats.

The Dolphin: sensual and erotic but not acrobatic

Everything the woman needs for this exciting Position is a little bit of flexibility in the back and neck area, the man was a solid knee and a little arm strength are important.

The Dolphin enure position

It is with raised legs on the back, he kneels between your open legs. Then she pushes her pelvis in a slight bridge to the top and puts her legs around the torso of your partner.

Your shoulders remain on the mattress. He grabs your Butt (or hips), and it can pull you closer in. Then he penetrates you.

His hands remain in place to support your light bridge attitude the whole time. You can have your hands either to the side or his thighs, touching and stroking.

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Ideal for smaller penises

The Dolphin fits perfectly to smaller penises, because the man penetrates in this position, deep in the woman. As soon as he vorlehnt a piece, intensifying the feeling for the woman who can completely surrender.

In addition, the G will be encouraged to-point is ideal.

The Dolphin is easier to get pregnant

Although there is no scientific evidence, rumor has it that the Dolphin can help to get pregnant.

This is simply on the position of the woman: her pelvis is directed upward, the sperm can flow to the peak of the man to better in the cervix.

But also for all who have no desire to have children, this sexposition exciting, sensual moments.

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