Schitt's Creek's Emily Hampshire Reveals the Worst Present She Ever Got — the Offer of a Free 'Boob Job'

It isn’t always the thought that counts.

With Christmas right around the corner, Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire is thinking back about the worst present she almost received.

“Well I didn’t get it but this guy once offered to get me a boob job for Christmas,” Hampshire, 37, told Page Six without mentioning the mystery man by name.

The actress also opened up about the best gift she actually received, which was tickets to see Les Misérables in the sixth grade.

“At the time I didn’t want to go. I wanted to stay at Nick Bilatto’s pool party obviously,” Hampshire explained to the outlet.

“But 10 minutes in, I felt like I’d left the earth and it changed the course of my life.”

This Christmas will be especially memorable for Hampshire as it’s her first as a soon-to-be married woman.

In November, Hampshire and musician and producer Teddy Geiger announced their engagement on social media, just 10 weeks after publicly confirming their relationship on Aug. 30.

“I love this woman so much she treats me like a lil princess and makes me laugh harder than anyone. I am so f—— happy to wake up next to her every morning and fall asleep next to her every night and take care of our lil B.B. stumbs together,” Geiger wrote on Instagram.

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“Which is why… When she asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of our lives together I said… YES … INFINITE YES.”

Geiger also shared a photo of the engagement ring on Instagram, writing: “My mom said I had to post another one of the ring cuz it’s so pretty and she said I made it look ‘trashy’ cuz I had my ‘tongue stickin’ out’ so here is a super classy pic.”

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