Respiratory: Increased Sick days through colds

Every sixth day of absence due to colds

In the past year, it was reported that the wave of Flu caused the highest Sick leave for years. But also cold-related diseases were responsible for many missed days. In addition, many Workers had to suffer due to back and mental diseases of the working stay-at-home.

Cold wave affects the Sick

Coughs, colds, hoarseness: In the cold Season, it is not unusual for a flu, the “simple” cold capture. How strong is the cold wave in the Winter is, also has a significant influence on whether and call in Sick in Germany, Operated or falls. The techniker Krankenkasse (TK) reported in a current message.

Four out of ten sick leave due to respiratory diseases

The TK reports for 2018, a slightly higher share of Sick leave of 4.23 per cent ( 2.2 per cent). In the section of the workforce were written in the last year of 15.5 days. According to the figures, two and a half days on the account of the diseases of the respiratory system.

“Traditionally, we have two cold waves – one in November and one in the second half of February,“ said Albrecht Wehner, the TK responsible for the health coverage.

“The Sick depends on how strong they are. 2018, every sixth day of absence back went well on colds, flu, and co..“

According to TK, this corresponds to an increase of almost ten percent alone in the case of the respiratory diseases. As it says in the message, there would be both more and longer payments of sick leave.

Statistically, almost four went to 2018, out of ten cases write-back on such a diagnosis. Any respiratory-related Sick leave, which lasted an average of 6.6 days and 0.3 days longer than in the previous year.

Preventive can only do little

Wehner, leave against respiratory disease preventive only do little.

“Of course you can do, for example, with sports much for his immune system”, the TK-health expert.

“Even hygiene measures will complicate the transmission paths, but basically you can make against colds little. But they must be well cured.“

For self-treatment of flu and colds, it is important to drink a lot and rest. In addition, there are many home remedies to help against Cold symptoms.

Back and soul, the cause of high absenteeism

In the case of diseases, the life-style – or work shall be the prevention easier.

Mental disorders and musculoskeletal diseases with the 2.8 or the 2.7 days is also one of the main causes of absenteeism.

In case of complaints, which go back to lack of exercise or through the Stress caused, see Wehner, employers and Employees have a duty:

“Here with measures of Occupational health management to avoid a lot of”, – said the expert.

“We now know that an unhealthy work culture increases the risk for chronic diseases and long-term absences. This results in high financial burdens for the health system as well as for the company itself, result in turn.“

20 days of absence per head

Regionally, there was also in the last year, significant differences in absenteeism. The highest Sick-TK recorded in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, with 5.49%.

“This equates to an average of 20 days of absence per head, which we have for the first time reached the mark of 20 days in the year in a province”, explained Albrecht Wehner.

At the lowest layers of the absences also of 2018, in Baden-Württemberg, with an average of 12.7 days, or a Sick-of 3.48 percent.

“In a company with 1,000 employees, each day an average of 55 Employees were missing in the past year in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Baden-Württemberg, only 35,” says the expert. (ad)