Ramadan-fasting due to heat especially hard

The temperatures in Iraq are for weeks of over 40 degrees. In order to facilitate the Muslims the Ramadan-fasting, many retailers come up with something special.

About the heat in Germany, many Iraqis can only smile – there, the temperatures lie for weeks regularly above 40 degrees. On Friday, the Thermometer climbed in Baghdad, to 46 degrees. Due to the fasting month of Ramadan for the Muslims in Iraq are currently particularly hard, since you are allowed to drink between On and sinking of the sun, neither food nor. In order to create a cooling, have resorted to a lot of business owners to a special action: you have set up in front of their stores to the public showers.

In July and August it can be as much as 50 degrees

“I’ll do it every year, when the temperatures rise so high,” says Mohammed Hassan, a shop owner in Baghdad. “This is the least we can offer in this extreme heat.” Also Kasim Abu Dschwad, owner of a clothing shop in the West of Baghdad, has installed a shower on the road. He moans: “In July and August, the temperatures can reach even 50 degrees.”

In some streets, all of 25 meters are in the shower. In front of some queues, because so many overheated people want to stick their heads under cool water. Towels are usually ready. While there are in Iraq also air-conditioning systems. Not help, however, most of the time, especially in the summer during the day, very often the power goes out.