Picking up noodles and rice for too long, risking his health – Video

Not to save meat for long, is known. For less dangerous most of the food such as rice and Pasta. However, you can also become a breeding ground for dangerous pathogens – the consumption of which can lead in the worst case, death.

Hardly anyone comes to the idea of leftover meat and fish dishes for more than a day or two in the fridge. Loose take it the most with pasta or rice: they are often also cooks for several days.

Researchers warn now, but before that, you too long to repeal. Because there is a not insignificant risk, even with seemingly harmless foods with dangerous pathogens to infect. The so-called Bacillus Cereus survived on Pasta and rice as well as in dairy products or vegetables. It uses the nutrients of the food to reproduce.

Some of its strains may have a positive probiotic effect. Other cause poisoning sharp food. Their consequences can be failure, Sepsis, liver and even death. The had to know a family in 2005. The five children ate on Monday evening of a pasta salad that was prepared on Friday. All five still showed in the night signs of food poisoning. The youngest child did not survive the pathogen infestation. In the case of a second failed liver, but it survived.

The researchers, who published their warning in “Nature Biology”, to lead to further cases like this. They emphasise that the probability of the dangerous pathogens to infect, although minor. Especially in the case of immune weaker people, the bacteria can cause serious diseases.

To food poisoning by Bacillus Cereus prevent, recommend the researchers to maintain good kitchen hygiene. You should store also, your food always in the fridge and re warm up properly heated, so that at least a majority of the bacteria and their toxins, suffocates and dies. But beware: part of Bacillus Cereus toxins and survive at 121 degrees Celsius – and up to 90 minutes. Therefore, If you are unsure of how long food will be waiting for your consumption or don’t know whether the cold chain has been maintained – go for sure back to and cook a new dish.