Pharmacies more than 6 million formulas ago

In the year 2018, the public pharmacies have approximately 6.1 million formulations such as capsules or ointments for legally insured patients made. This is the result of an evaluation of regulations by the German drug testing Institute e. V. (DAPI).

Overall, the number is even higher, because recipes insured for private, consultation needs, or on the direct demand of the patients in these data are not recorded. Formulation of medicinal products are irreplaceable in many cases, for example, if a child needs a medication in a dosage, for which there is no industrially produced medicinal products. "Formulations to close supply gaps. You are and will remain a necessary complement to industrially produced medicinal products. It can be.and our patients should verzichten&quot not…, Dr. Andreas Kiefer, Chairman of the Board of the DAPI and President of the Federal chamber of pharmacists said.

With the manufacture of formulations, the presence of pharmacies make an important contribution to the supply of medicines. Pine: “Timely, capsules or suppositories to make – this is only possible in the local pharmacy. The process is for the pharmacy-consuming, and the time effort is not rewarded appropriately. The Formulation for the local pharmacies, but to the so-called ‚Gemeinwohlpflichten‘, the foreign Drug shippers often are not met."


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