Oreo's New Cookie Packaging Could Glow-in-the-Dark

If the rumors are true, folks, we’ve just been hit with yet another new Oreo flavor: Marshmallow Moon Oreos (as if we really needed another following the release of Most Stuf, Game of Thrones, Easter egg-shaped Oreos and the truly bizarre buttered popcorn-flavored Oreos). Why Marshmallow Moon, you ask? To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, of course.

According to CandyHunting on Instagram, the Marshmallow Moon Oreos will reportedly have a marshmallow-flavored, light purple-hued cream filling; and the cookie itself will do away with the traditional Nabisco stamp and will be imprinted with a moon and three stars. The packaging will also, reportedly, glow in the dark.

However, a different foodie Instagram account, @markie_devo, claims that the packaging won’t actually glow, and the cookie’s chocolate wafer will, instead, have a rocket ship stamped onto the cookie. Either way, we’re on board with this new, out-of-this-world Oreo flavor.

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That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind ::: Neil Armstrong as he took his 1st step on the moon on July 20th 1969??‍??.. Mark Apollo(Nasa) is celebrating 50 years of sending us aliens to the moon?. The festivities start October to December 2022..In highlight of this historical celebration Nabisco is releasing a “Marshmallow Moon” Oreo. This cookie will grace us by next year to honor the great moon walkers. This Oreo appears to have a chocolate wafer with a rocket ship design on it, followed by marshmallow creme(HUBBA HUBBA). In case you were wondering we have had a marshmallow Oreo in the past with a golden cookie. What a freaking time to be a organism of this world???‍? ???..Who is on the moon in their feelings with this one???.. ?Once again original image and info by me??‍♂️..?Touch ups to the original blurry @cheatdaydesign ? #oreo #oreos #food #junkfood #macros #iseesieats #foodgasm #nyeats #foodofny #brooklyn #candy #mmm #yum #fatman #nasa #marshmellowmoonoreo #comingsoon #macros #carbs #crossfit #protein #2019 #f52grams #Youheardithere1st

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The launch date of these limited-edition Oreos hasn’t been announced yet, but we do know that the exact date of the very first human landing on the Moon was July 20. That said, we can only imagine these Marshmallow Moon Oreos be released close to that date, if not much earlier.

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