Obesity Smoking as the most common cancer cause of peeling of

Health expert warns: obesity is the new Smoking

Simon Stevens is chief of the National Health Service (NHS), the health authority in the UK. On the world’s largest cancer conference of the health expert warned of the massive health impact of the growing number of Obese brings with it. “Obesity is the new Smoking”, warns NHS chief.

The annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago, is a worldwide disease, is the largest conference for cancer. At the Meeting, NHS chief Simon Stevens gave a speech in which he warns of the consequences of Obesity. In the UK, being Overweight has developed to be one of the most important health problems. Almost one in three adults was overweight. The share had doubled since the year 1993. If this trend continues, the obesity to replace Smoking as the most common cause for cancer.

Obesity causes cancer

Stevens warns that too many people are aware that Obesity is associated with an increased risk of cancer. Today, the often exercised a life style with little exercise, and fat – and sugar-rich Nourishment do decades of medical progress lapse. Even today, a significant increase in the cancer cases was reported to be associated with Obesity in conjunction.

Gloomy Forecasts

Steven presents the current forecasts of the NHS. Therefore, were registered as diseases in the year 2015 22.800 cancer associated with Obesity in conjunction. Will this Trend continue, there will be in the year 2030, a year approximately 36.800 such cases – almost twice as many. “Although the survival rates of cancer at a record high, many people do not know that Obesity is one of the strongest risk factors for cancer,” explains Stevens. The forecasts show that there will be up to the year 2030 in England each day 100 new cases of cancer in connection with Overweight.

This is a task no one can lift it alone

“If the population will continue to increase so, before we are every year, thousands of preventable cancer deaths,” the NHS boss. Stevens stresses that the health authority can’t win this fight alone. Food companies, governments, and every self had to contribute a part.

Weight gains make clinical successes nullify

Dr. Jennifer Ligibel, an expert at Harvard University, support the speech of Stevens. You provided evidence that Obesity also leads to increased Rates of breast cancer. A recent study showed that each increase in weight of 5.5 kilograms increases the risk of disease by up to eight percent. Ligibel is feared that the rapid increase in obesity could soon make the medical advances in cancer back. “It is very disturbing: We are making great progress in cancer therapy and treatment, but there is a danger that obesity is warning all of this undermines”, Ligibel is.

People in urgent need of more help in losing weight

“There is a clear connection between cancer and obesity is. We know that this is a higher risk for a dozen different types of cancer there is,“ says cancer expert. People would have to get a lot more support in losing weight. For example, targeted weight loss programmes may help, long-term Changes in the way of life to make. It was important to keep the body in a healthy weight range. This was achieved through regular exercise and a healthy diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean meat and low alcohol consumption. (vb)