Mum who became addicted to fast food to cope with childhood abuse sheds 17 stone

The mum recalled trying a number of times to lose weight, but never found anything that helped her.

At her heaviest, 27st 7lbs, Kelley decided to undergo surgery.

She added: “The surgery wasn’t easy but I knew I needed it to save my life. I am now a completely different person, I am comfortable in my own skin and at peace with who I am.”

During surgery, Kelley suffered with chronic abdominal compartmental syndrome – bleeding within the muscles and was one life support for one week after.

She continued: “I lost the weight after the gastric band but I never healed from the sexual abuse, it sounds insane as I was a social worker for 27 years, but I had never spoke out about it to anyone until 2016.

“I was finally healthy, but I needed something to make me feel worthy again; I became addicted to shopping then gambling and even pain medication for a short while. It wasn’t until my abusers had passed away three years ago, that I could finally break my silence and stop living in shame.

“I published a book in 2017 called ‘You have such a pretty face’ which was very therapeutic for me. It talks about my trauma and weight loss journey including the bullying I went through for being overweight.

“I have always been quick to forgive others and I have finally realised it was time I forgave myself. I can’t erase my past, the addictions I developed or the mistakes I made but I can heal, and I can shine a light of hope on others who are suffering.”

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