Mother tapped the son of a week half a Liter of blood!

For five years, a Dane, took off her son’s blood, to send him to the hospital and to have Doctors treat. The court sentenced them to imprisonment.

Because you abzapfte her son for five years, every week half a Liter of blood, a mother in Denmark for four years in prison. A court in the Western Danish town of Herning said the 36-year-old nurse on Thursday, the life-threatening abuse, guilty. Their profession was no longer allowed to exercise. The woman did not appeal.

According to the prosecution, the woman had begun with the blood sampling, when her son was eleven months old. For five years she threw him weekly again of the ordeal, until she was arrested in September 2017, with a blood bag still in Hand.

Due to blood in the absence of the Young 110 blood TRANS had to get mergers. After his birth, while he had a bowel disease, but the Doctors could not explain his blood-deficiency.

Experts suggest Munchausen by proxy syndrome

In court the woman said that she could not understand their behavior: It was not a "conscious Entscheidung" been, but was, and to come. The blood you’ve poured in the toilet and the syringes thrown in the trash.

Experts believe that the woman suffers from Munchausen by proxy syndrome, a very rare mental illness, in the case of the mothers in your child serious diseases mimic or cause to take care of yourself lovingly and sacrificially to it.

The 36-Year-old became popular in the Online networks of the image of a single mother, fighting touching their sick son. Of the today seven-year-old now lives with the father.