Melania Trump Checked in the Beijing Zoo and a Panda Fell in Love with Her

Since assuming office as US President, Donald Trump’s regime has been riddled with many controversial headlines. In the face of their severe ‘unpopularity,’ the Trumps are often the subject of a ton of fun-poking, a lot of which is centered on Donald’s obvious need for expert hair treatment (or toupée treatment, no one knows), as well as Melania’s cosmetic surgery plus over-the-top makeup routine and skin care product use. However, on a recent trip to the Bejing Zoo, the FLOTUS has changed the narrative.  She won over her Chinese hosts, and even the affection of a 17-year-old Panda named Gu Gu. In fact, their inadvertent relationship has made international headlines! Here is an account of the adventures of Gu Gu and Melania Trump. You won’t feel the same way about FLOTUS after reading this.

So When And How Did The Romance Between Melania And Gu Gu Start? Click NEXT To Read The Full Story!

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