Louis Theroux hair loss battle latest – broadcaster shares preventative measures

Dr Amir: Tips for dealing with hair loss

Earlier this year, the 53-year-old shared a picture on Instagram of bald patches that had appeared in his beard.

He captioned the image: “So this is what my beard grows like now due to what I think is probably alopecia.

“Basically I get a little triangle of stubble around my mouth and some more at the sides.”

This week, he shared an update: “Oh, jeez. It looks like the alopecia has migrated up to my eyebrow.”

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While he noted “you aren’t all waiting” to hear the progression of his hair loss, he wrote: “I want people to acclimatise to the new partially depilated me.”

Theroux quipped that he didn’t want to “freak everyone out by suddenly appearing in public like a half-plucked elephant bird with no forewarning”.

While the journalist says his hair loss is “out of [his] hands at this point”, there is a bit of him that wants to take back control.

“I have started taking vitamin D and something called biotin,” Theroux admitted.

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An updated review for 2023 on alopecia is published in the Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery.

Researchers from the University of Toronto, Canada, noted that a vitamin D deficiency is associated with the onset of alopecia areata.

However, while the data supports an association between lower levels of vitamin D and alopecia, “there is a lack of data evaluating the benefit of supplementation”.

Doctor Warren Heymann, on behalf of the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD), shared his expertise on biotin and hair loss.

“There is only limited evidence that biotin supplementation provides a benefit for hair growth,” said Dr Heymann.

“To date, there are no clinical trials supporting claims that biotin supplementation improves hair growth or quality.”

An alopecia diagnosis might be followed by a “wait-and-see” approach, the AAD states.

“Your hair may regrow on its own, making treatment unnecessary,” the AAD explains.

If treatment is prescribed, options include injections of corticosteroids, application of minoxidil, and anthralin.

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