Kristen Bell’s Approach To Working Out Is Something We Should All Live By

At this point, we’re convinced that Kristen Bell is super-human. For starters, she’s funny to a snort-inducing level, a passionate advocate for health – both physical and mental, and (despite being a Hollywood heavyweight) manages to always keep it real about the trials of parenting. But most importantly, she’s all about making time for self-care – no matter how much is on her plate. And, that means sneaking in exercise whenever she can get it. 

“I’ve tried a ton of workouts in LA and have realised that I need maximum ass-kicking in the shortest amount of time,” she recently told Shape.

“Every minute of my work week is scheduled, so when I do have a 45-minute gap, it doesn’t benefit me to take a relaxing yoga class. It benefits me to go get my butt kicked. And I reap the rewards.”

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For max sweat in min time, Kristen swears by sessions at LA-based gym, Studio Metamorphosis. There she does strength and cardio combo classes that burn up to 500-1,000 cals at once. “It’s basically a cross between pilates and CrossFit and pretty much the worst class I’ve taken,” she said.

“There are much heavier weights and stronger resistance compared to a traditional pilates class, with the goal being to put your body into muscle exhaustion. By the end, you’re basically shaking and falling off the machine.”

She loves to schedule a stretch sesh too: “Taking a couple minutes to stretch out your body is such an important mindful practice. Even my girls will do it with me before bedtime. I find that habitual self-care just keeps me on a really good track and keeps me aware of my body.”

And for all those wondering how she possibly fits it all in, it’s simply a matter of keeping her priorities in check.

“My husband and I know that we need to work out not just for our physical wellbeing but for our mental wellbeing,” she explained. “So once on the weekends, my husband will say, ‘I’ll take the kids to brunch, why don’t you go to a class?’”

“I tend to have the instinct to take care of everyone else and after that weight is lifted off my shoulders, I think I’ll have time for me. But it’s totally the opposite.”

“Everyone needs a tough-love reminder that if you’re not taking care of yourself, you’re no good to take care of anyone else,” she added. “When you can fully digest that, it kind of snaps you to attention and makes you realise that you’re just as important to those around you.”

Thanks for the words of wisdom, Kristen.

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