Influencer Says She's 'Proud' After Having Breast Implants Removed: 'I Feel Like the Real Me'

After two pregnancies and getting her breast implants removed, influencer Malin Nunez no longer looks the same — but she’s proud of her body.

The personal trainer typically shares before and after photos from women who have used her fitness program and successfully lost weight, but on Thursday she shared her own before and after.

“Before and after — mom of one vs. mom of two, implants vs. no implants, 53 kg. vs. 57 kg.,” she wrote on Instagram. “This looks more like after and before if you look at most pics on the internet. But this is my before and after and I’m proud of my body.”

Nunez recounted everything her body has gone through in the last few years.

“My body managed to create two beautiful boys, who cares of some extra skin here and there? Who cares if my breasts looks like two dead meatballs? (well that’s what Vincent [her older son] thinks ?),” she said.

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Nunez previously had silicone textured breast implants, but decided to get them removed in January after dealing with negative side effects, and concerns about the risk of cancer.

Prior to the explant procedure, she explained in her Instagram story that she had extreme fatigue, excessive acne, hair loss, dry skin and frequent pain that she believes was due to her implants.

“Been worried about my implants for 1.5 years,” she said in January. “Worried if they [made] me sick. It was hard to take the step because I loved my breasts and I didn’t know if an explant will make my health be better. Then I got a lot of fluid around my implant, it was an inflammation and the doctor thought my implant was ruptured. During this time I also felt really sick and it affected my everyday life a lot. I booked my surgery and got a time [for the explant procedure] one week later.”

Reflecting on her decision to go through with it now, Nunez said she’s happy with her body.

“I was so afraid of how my new, no implants breasts will look like, but I like them, because I feel like the real me,” she said. “You maybe think that you should look like the left to look good. That’s NOT true! You decide what’s beauty or not with yourself, not anyone else can ever decide that for you.”

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