Ina Garten & Seth Meyers Went Day Drinking, & We Couldn't Be More Jealous

Ina Garten has got to be our favorite celebrity chef of all time. She is wholesome, sweet and down-to-earth, and she and her husband, Jeffrey, are total #RelationshipGoals. But just when we thought we couldn’t possibly love her any more, Garten went day drinking with Seth Meyers, proving she is just like you and me.

The hilarious event was filmed for Meyers’ late-night program, Late Night with Seth Meyers. And while Meyers set up the clip as a standard interview, saying, “We are going to have a refined afternoon of good conversations and some libations,” things quickly devolved.

The bulk of the segment was comprised of Garten and Meyers drinking and/or playing drinking games.

All wasn’t lost. Garten did manage to whip up a few of her favorite cocktail recipes. She and Meyers had a showdown of sorts to see who could make a better drink. And while Garten took the contest rather seriously — she even brought her own measuring cups to make sure the portions were correct — Meyers jested, “That’s the problem with you cookbook people,” before flying by the seat of his pants and eyeballing each ingredient. But the best part was when Garten and Meyers exchanged concoctions for a taste test: the Food Network star responded very diplomatically, while Meyers chugged each and every drink.

Yes, he got very tipsy.

It’s definitely worth watching the entire segment because you’ll also get Garten’s thoughts on Arby’s dipping sauce, McDonald’s barbecue sauce and KFC’s brown gravy. Plus, you’ll get to see Meyers decorate an amazingly constructed birthday cake with hot-pink butter icing. What could possibly go wrong?

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