Iglo with serious allegations: food Association promotes poor nutrition

Iglo expresses severe criticism of the food Association

The food manufacturer iglo occurs from the peak Association of the German food economy BLL. The company complains that the food Association, to make intentionally the challenges of the future of the industry. Instead, the BLL is focused on, to defend the interests of the food industry and to preserve and maintain new, much-needed Changes to thwart.

The well-known food company iglo GmbH recently announced, from the German Federation for food law and Food science e. V. (BLL) to withdraw. The Chairman of the Board of management Antje Schubert expressed sharp criticism of the Federal government. He wanted to specifically prevent innovations to be driven in the food industry, resulting in the implementation of a healthier diet for the population will slow down. The German society for Diabetes (DDG) welcomed the step of iglo.

Dispute over food labelling Nutri-Score escalated

The dispute between iglo and the BLL escalated after iglo wanted to introduce a new labelling of foods for consumers. The so-called Nutri-Score, which has already established itself in France and Belgium, to inform consumers about a five-step colour scale on the ingredients. Even companies such as Danone and Bofrost support this System. Other companies in the food industry, however, spoke out against the Nutri-Score. The BLL recommended, however, a private System for the identification, that of iglo as inadequate has been assessed. Recently, iglo was detained even by a temporary injunction of the regional court of Hamburg, to print the Nutri-Score single-handedly on their packaging.

Remain instead of change

“In the course of the debate on the introduction of a food labelling basic deficiencies in the direction of the Association have come to light,” explains Schubert of the reasons for the withdrawal in a press release from iglo. Membership appeared to be the company as no longer useful. The BLL of any active desire to design is missing. From an industry Association, you could expect that he is driving over the edge of the plate looks and also for a European solution in the interest of all members. Instead, the BLL you personally, and is focusing on defending and maintaining the interests of the food industry, the criticism of iglo.

Playful Confidence

“The most important capital of food companies is trust,” emphasises Schubert. Those who believe today that we could win people by wegmoderiere issues politically, have not recognized the signs of the time. You could make the consumer just by giving answers to the current questions, the Chairman. To a General loss of confidence in the industry counter, there would have to be a brave, possibly even uncomfortable steps.

Back-room politics in the food industry

Iglo criticized that the Association gives an open dialogue. The BLL-culture is characterised by a kind of “back-room politics”, where large actors control the activities and decisions. In the interests of the entire food industry iglo would like to put the outlet is a Signal that there is also a company with a different attitude in Germany.

German society for Diabetes provides behind iglo

“We welcome the decision of iglo, to no longer support an Association that has overslept the signs of the times in terms of healthy eating,” says DDG Director, Barbara Bitzer, in a communication to the outlet. The BLL profiling so far as a preventer of many of the scientifically recommended measures to reduce the Overweight. For the BLL, this should be a Wake-up call, the blockade in terms of a healthy diet, give up, Bitzer. (vb)