Hungry Oscar Noms Can Chow Down on The Luxe Food In Their Gift Bags

It’s safe to say that we’ve all had our Oscar winner fantasies, our fake speech ready to thank our parents, friends, and imaginary agents for getting us to Academy Award-winner status. This year, we’re indulging in a slightly different Oscars fantasy: the backstage starlett enjoying the incredible selection of luxury foods in her Distinctive Asset’s “Everyone Wins” Nominee Gift Bag.

This is the 17th edition of the notorious gift bag, which gifts the top 25 nominees (from the categories of Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Director) with everything from beachfront Greek vacations and luxury wellness retreats to maple syrup and cannabis chocolates.

Here’s just a taste of what will be in the nominees’ gift bags, which have a retail value of over $100,000:

  • A Yeti brand cooler filled with Jarritos sodas, and a donation of Jarritos to the recipient’s charitable event of choice
  • A bottle of A. Junod white absinthe from France
  • Handcrafted chocolate jewels from Chocolatines in flavors like Champagne Diamond, Ginger Sake Pearl. and Lemongrass Gyokuro Green Tea Emerald
  • Dinner for two at Flora Farms, a restaurant in Los Cabos, Mexico
  • A gift box from Coda Signature that includes cannabis edibles (including chocolates), beauty products (like bath bombs), and concentrates
  • A selection of gluten-free vegan treats that are naturally sweetened with low glycemic ingredients from Good Girl Chocolate
  • A poolside dinner for the nominee and their friends prepared by a celebrity chef from Nest Seekers International (a luxury real estate company)
  • Salted Toffee Pretzel Crisp protein bars from Optimum Nutrition
  • Milano cookies from Pepperidge Farms (finally, something relatable!)
  • A Posh Pretzels gift box
  • Organic gourmet maple syrup from Rouge Maple
  • Southern Wicked Lemonade (pre-bottled lemonade spiked with moonshine, vodka, and gin)

The truly crazy thing? This isn’t even the official Oscars gift bag that the Academy gives out. It’s just an instance of a random company trying to get its fancy clients into the hands of fancy celebrity consumers. People sure do love giving rich people free stuff! Just in case any of the nominees are reading this — I’d be more than happy to take a gift or two off of your hands. Preferably the cannabis chocolates and some type of vacation, but I’m really not picky.

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