High cholesterol: The popular breakfast that could lower your cholesterol levels

Dr Chris reveals how eyes can indicate high cholesterol levels

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There are two types of cholesterol, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.

Good cholesterol is known as high-density lipoprotein.

Bad cholesterol is known as low-density lipoprotein.

Good cholesterol helps to strengthen your heart and improve your health.

Bad cholesterol, on the other hand, blocks your arteries and increases your risk of heart disease.

The reason why breakfast is so crucial in all of this is because your diet is the best way to moderate your cholesterol levels.

A particular breakfast could be most beneficial – oat-based cereal.

Oats are considered a good way to lower your cholesterol.

In 1998 a study found that people who ate oat-based cereal experienced a reduction in their cholesterol.

This was backed up by a 2019 study that found oats can help reduce cholesterol as they contain soluble fibre.

Another study from the same year found oat-based cereals can help to lower cholesterol, but only if they form part of a balanced diet.

Not all oat-based cereals are the same.

Some will contain more or less sugar and therefore be or more or less effective at reducing your cholesterol.

Other foods too, can be used to lower your cholesterol.

These include fruits and non-starchy veg including asparagus, tomatoes, peppers and cauliflower.

Blackberries, blueberries and raspberries can also be of use.

So too reducing how much meat you consume.

More information on how to reduce your cholesterol levels is available on the NHS.

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