Grim footage shows a spot being popped and erupting with puss on foot

Grim footage shows ‘Miss Foot Fixer’ popping a spot on the sole of a patient’s foot which then erupts with pus

  • The unnamed man had trodden on a foreign object leading to swelling
  • Dr Marion You – Miss Foot Fixer – scraped away at the build up of hard skin
  • Pus oozes out over the next few minutes of the popular YouTuber’s video 

A stomach-churning video shows a spot erupting with pus on the sole of a patient’s foot after being popped by a podiatrist.  

The unnamed man had trodden on a foreign object, leading to his foot becoming swollen.

Dead skin and a callus had formed over the piece of dirt, where an infection had built-up, a dermatologist said. 

Dr Marion Yau, who works at London’s Harley Street Foot and Nail Clinic, was able to squeeze every last drop of pus from the hole in the foot.

An unnamed man had trodden on a foreign object leading to his foot becoming swollen. He visited Dr Marion Yau, a podiatrist in London

As soon as the first layer of hard skin is cut away, the pus is able to escape

Miss Foot Fixer, as she calls herself, scrapes off the build up of skin in layers 

Miss Foot Fixer, as she calls herself, scraped off the callus, which is usually caused by a build-up of pressure.

She used a small sharp tool to pierce a small hole in the skin, leading the spot to erupt like a volcano.

Gently the skin was scraped away layer by layer, until a large chunk of yellowing skin was removed.

After unveiling the pus below, the podiatrist applied some pressure causing the spot to seep.

The more she scraped away at the build-up of skin, the more freely the pus was able to pour out of the man’s wound. 

Eventually, Dr Yau was able to get to the root of the problem – what she said looked like a piece of dirt deeply embedded.

Dr Yau applies pressure to the skin so that the pus can slowly come out 

She cleans up the skin with an antiseptic agent so that it can heal

She dug away at the foreign object with a tool, removing it completely to avoid any more infection. 

The foot didn’t appear to have a swelling or sign of pus at the beginning, but calluses can be painful and become infected – such as this patient’s.

Dr Yau dug away at the raw, bleeding hole to make sure there was no more residue to cause any problems.

An antiseptic agent was used to clean the wound with a cloth before Dr Yau tidiex up the rest of the dead skin. 


Corns and calluses are hard or thick areas of skin that can be painful. They’re not often serious.

You can avoid them by wearing thick socks, comfortable shoes, soaking corns and calluses in warn water to soften them and moisturising. 

It’s advised not to try and cut them off yourself, walk long distances or stand for long periods, wear high heels or tight pointy shoes or go barefoot.   

Corns and calluses are caused by pressure or rubbing of the skin on the hands or feet. For example from lifting heavy weights or playing a musical instrument. 

When calluses become too thick, they become painful and difficult to walk on.

A GP can give antibiotics if the callus is infected, or refer you to a foot specialist. 

A foot specialist, such as a podiatrist, may be able to offer treatments such as:

  • cutting away the corn or callus
  • patches to help soften the hard skin so it can be removed 
  • specially made soft pads or insoles to take pressure off the painful area of your foot   

Source: NHS 

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