Finally sleep through the night! 4 things you should do in any case before the to Sleep – Video

You are lying in bed, but just can’t fall asleep? The can also be fitted in people’s habits. What you should do in any case, if you want to sleep well.

1. No exercise before bedtime

To exercise regularly and to move is healthy. This improves the quality of sleep, because sufficient exercise promotes deep sleep. However, you should schedule a few hours between your Workout and bedtime. Otherwise, the movement is not tired, but awake again.

2. Not to eat spicy food

Those who want to sleep well, eat in the evening, nothing difficult digestible. Spicy food also stimulates the circulation and is therefore worse sleep.

3. Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol is taboo, if you want to sleep well. Because, whoever drinks in the evening, alcohol, sleep often restless. It is more difficult to find in the deep sleep.

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4. Smartphone, Tablet, television avoid

Place laptops, Tablets, or Smartphones before going to bed the way. The bluish light from the device interferes with the internal clock. It tricks the brain day and can lead to less of the sleep hormone Melatonin is released. Also the television you should not just before bedtime therefore the best.