Experts Reveal What You Should Know About Keto and Other Popular Diet Trends

So you want to clean up your diet? Good for you. Except that now you have to pick a plan from the endless number of options out there.

First, there’s the high-fat, low-carb keto diet, responsible for some impressive weight loss transformations, but also notoriously difficult to follow. So difficult that many dietitians generally advise against following the plan and instead finding something that’s more sustainable long-term.

Then there’s the Paleo diet, which shares similarities to keto. This “caveman diet” differs from keto in important ways, but also has some drawbacks.

Like Paleo and keto, Whole30, DASH, and the Mediterranean diets (confused by all these names yet?) all encourage you to start cooking more, which is a good thing. But depending on your level of comfort in the kitchen that can add yet other frustration to those you’re already undergoing from all the changes these diets require.

Don’t sweat. We have your back. And your gut, and your biceps, and your general health and well-being too. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to decode the trendiest diets and figure out what you need to know.

Sort through the options below to determine which popular eating strategies may help you make the transformation you want. We’ve also included easy meal plans, recipes, and shopping guides to help ease the transition.

Realize that you don’t want to try any of these diets? That’s fine too. There are plenty of smart lessons to take away from each plan even if you never end up following them.

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