Elizabeth Olsen Praises Marvel For Not-So-Obvious Reasons

Any Hollywood star would feel privileged to be a part of Marvel Cinematic Universe and so does Elizabeth Olsen who portrays Scarlet Witch in the fantasy world of superheroes. Apart from being grateful for that, she has another special reason to appreciate Marvel and it is something that you might not know.

The actress admires the motion picture studio for not forcing the actors into intense workout routines and restrictive diets. Isn’t it surprisingly pleasant to know that fact? Olsen says that Marvel never puts a pressure on the cast members to achieve a certain body shape to play their characters in the movies. Apparently, she feels great about it given the fact that not every movie studio allows that liberty.

There have been instances where we hear the stories of celebrities being put on a diet to reach a specific weight which sounds terrifying, she told. In her case, hitting the gym is something that helps her brain work in a better way but she doesn’t like the idea of restrictive eating (we don’t like it either!)

As Elizabeth grew up playing volleyball and doing ballet, working out doesn’t come as a challenge for her. Though there was a time during college when she stopped exercising due to which her health started getting affected. But with the help of a friend, the film star realized the need to work out regularly to maintain body fitness and that’s when she started doing yoga.

About dieting, Olsen admits that she doesn’t experiment too much with eating plans and follows a soup diet only when she has to attend a big event. On the other side, while prepping for Avengers, she aimed for an athletic body for which she took the guidance of nutritionist Philip Goglia. And believe us, to get that muscular body, this girl had to eat massively – like eight meals a day! That sounds more like a task than enjoying food!

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