Electrified hair: What really helps

Electrified hair: once you have pulled the cap from his head, the hair you will have access to mountains: Electrified hair can be a pain and a nuisance. FOCUS Online know how you prevent this Problem and tells you what you can in acutely electrified hair company.

Who does not know this? Pull out the jumper, and strip the cap from the head or go with a brush through my hair and then it happened: The hair out of your head, or stick in the face. Especially in Winter, this phenomenon is observed very frequently.

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Especially people with fine and straight hair, often suffer from electrified hair. The reason for the electrification, the friction that occurs when you put on the sweater or the hat losing weight is. In the case of the friction, the hair give off negatively charged electrons to the brush or the clothes, and get yourself a positive charge. In this way, charged, not, as parts of the same charge repel each other. This is completely normal and is neither dangerous nor harmful. However, most perceive this process as a nuisance.

With the right textiles provide a remedy

Also in the choice of clothes, you can prevent electro-statically charged hair. Synthetic fibers, for example, provide a friction quickly for the charging of the hair, which is why you should on this Material. In contrast, the effect in the case of natural fibers such as wool, cotton, or leather, is significantly lower.

In the case of caps, you can avoid wool and the best cashmere, as this electrical charging of the hair is more static than, for example, cotton. Similar is true for brushes and combs: If you use a plastic comb from the your hair rather than if you use a comb made of wood or iron.