Dr Chris: 3 foods to ‘reduce blood pressure’ – ‘especially if you suffer hypertension’

Dr Chris Steele shares diet tips on reducing blood pressure

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High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is often referred to as the “silent” condition. Characterised by a lack of symptoms, the condition can quietly boost your risk of severe health problems. Fortunately, simple lifestyle modifications can help reduce your high levels.

In case you’re not aware, high blood pressure details the long-term force of blood against your artery walls that is high enough to lead to health problems, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Around one third of Britons suffer from hypertension – and many might not even know about it.

The good news is that there are ways to control the condition and lower your reading.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning, Dr Chris has shared the promising findings of a recent study from the University of South Australia, looking at this condition.

The main finding of the research was that having a daily dose of yoghurt could cut high blood pressure.

Dr Chris said: “Now, this is normal natural yoghurt, not a fruit flavoured one with added sugar.

“Ideally, live yoghurt, if you can get it.

“They also advise having walnuts every day and also herbal tea, in particular, hibiscus.”

The TV doctor added: “These foods will reduce your levels of high blood pressure, especially, if you suffer from hypertension.”

The study looked at 915 adults in total.

The researchers measured their extent of yoghurt consumption by a food frequency questionnaire.

The findings shared: “Whether it’s a dollop on your morning cereal or a simple snack on the go, a daily dose of yoghurt could be the next go-to food for people with high blood pressure.”

Dr Alexandra Wade, a researcher from the University of South Australia explained what makes yoghurt so potent.

“Dairy foods, especially yoghurt, may be capable of reducing blood pressure.

“This is because dairy foods contain a range of micronutrients, including calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which are involved in the regulation of blood pressure.

“Yoghurt is especially interesting because it also contains bacteria that promote the release of proteins which lowers blood pressure.”

She explained that even “small amounts” of the creamy foods could show promising results in people with elevated blood pressure.

Dr Waded added: “And for those who consumed yoghurt regularly, the results were even stronger, with blood pressure readings nearly seven points lower than those who did not consume yoghurt.”

These findings are meaningful as high blood pressure is considered as one of the top risk factors for developing heart disease.

And heart diseases are currently the leading cause of death worldwide. By lowering your blood pressure, you can also reduce your risk of the killer disease.

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