Distrust of conventional medicine far, Only 23 percent trust spread – full

Survey: Only 23 percent of the German trust of the school of medicine

Only 23 percent trust the school medicine and the German put on a tried-and-true home remedies. The STADA health report to 2019 shows on the future of health. For the study of 18,000 people in nine European countries were questioned about their attitudes and preferences.

Only 23% of German citizens trust the traditional medicine completely trust, 39% of your after all, by and Large. Be particularly suspicious of women and the age group of 35 to 49 Year – olds. In the countries compared, only Russia, Poland and Serbia have even less confidence in the school of medicine. Trend researcher Sven Gábor Jánszky is assumed that this Trend is set to continue: “The Megatrend of individualization. The school of medicine today is still often the principle of ‘One fits all’. But the people know, how different and individual you and your body. In this feeling, the idea that there is only a Standard Medication for one diagnosis does not fit then.“

The best remedies home remedies are

What trust the Germans? Self. In the case of signs of disease 49% rely on home remedies such as chicken broth or hot water bottle, is by far the highest value in all nine countries surveyed. On average, only 27% put first on home remedies, even in Italy only 14%. First to the doctor, and 11% in Germany, one percent more for a consultation first, in the pharmacy. So the doctor and the pharmacy are hitting the Internet, only eight percent are looking First for a solution. The greatest trust in the doctor and the pharmacy have the Spaniards, with 38% of them go at the first symptoms of illness, first to the Doc, 20% to the advice in the pharmacy.

It is evident that Germany trusts the loved one on their own experiences and both technical and medical progress, is more sceptical about than the Rest of Europe. The STADA health report can be found here.