Competition to Red Bull: Coca-Cola brings energy drink on the market

In the previous year, Coca-Cola had announced an Energy Drink. Now the drinks manufacturer makes seriously. In a few days, the new doses are to be found in all supermarkets and even at discounters to. CHIP has tested the product already and know all the Details.

With Coca-Cola Energy drinks manufacturer Coca-Cola is now under the wax-maker. The Energy drink of the US giants will be in the next few days in the supermarket.Many petrol stations, kiosks, and cinemas would have received the new cans already for test sales. Two varieties are to choose from: once with sugar and once sugar.A look at the nutritional value of contributions shows that In a can of Coca-Cola Energy 105 calories are.In the sugar-free Version again, there are two calories.

Coca-Cola promises on the package: "The Only Energy Drink with a great Coca-Cola Taste".By a fine sweet taste to differentiate the new beverage from the platzhirsch Red Bull. The Austrian Energy company had presented in 2008, Red Bull Cola. In the summer of 2018, the company tweaked something in the recipe.

What’s in Coca-Cola’s Energy in it?

Especially natural ingredients not on the ingredients list. The list is containing in the sugar and low-calorie variant for a long time. Coca-Cola is not using taurine.The manufacturer of his drink when mixed with water, sugar, carbonic acid, Dextrose, natural flavor, Inositol, vitamins (Niacin, and Vitamin B6) also acidifier, colouring: E 150d, acidity regulator sodium bicarbonate.Just like in Red Bull are both Energy-variants contain 32 milligrams of caffeine to 100 milligrams of Energy Drink.

Per tin of 80 milligrams of caffeine make for a neat wax kick. As well as the can mentioned, the beverage is, therefore, not for children, Pregnant or breastfeeding women are not recommended.

Coca Cola’s New Energy Drink from Coca Cola

Why is Coca-Cola an Energy drink?

Sales at Coca-Cola grow, but not as desired. Therefore, the group is looking around more in other areas. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola operates about also iced tea and coffee.Although the company is already using his trademark monsters on the Energy market, wants Coca-Cola, apparently, with "Energy" and "Energy No Sugar" further sales boosts can be achieved.

How do you like Coca-Cola Energy?

After the first SIP of the Energy tastes the Drink is actually Coca-Cola.However, the flavor leaves after a few seconds and the sweet taste of other Energy drinks, intensifies in the palate.This is perhaps the herbal energy booster guarana. The woody Plant grows in the Amazon basin. Your extract is especially true in Brazil as a good Alternative to coffee and tea.

What is the Energy product cost?

For a can of Coca-Cola’s Energy (0.25 liters) customers must pay € 1.19. In addition, 25 cents as a Deposit. So, a price of 1.44 euros.Coca-Cola Energy costs, almost as much as Red Bull, Monster and other Energy Drink providers.

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