Clinic-scandal in Bavaria: the doctor to have infected patients with Hepatitis C

In the North the Swabian town of Donauwörth, a clinic doctor to have infected several patients with Hepatitis C. The health Department expects at least four Affected. Against the physician there procedure, a determination, said the Augsburg Prosecutor Matthias Nickolai on Tuesday.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease that is usually caused by a Blood transmitted Virus and lead to serious complications. The hospitals used blood need to be tested on the pathogen.

As the doctor, self suffering from the viral disease, the patients should have been infected, according to Nickolai unclear. This is now the subject of the investigation. "First, you must determine whether it is actually for sure is that the infection from him kamen", Nickolai said. The police work in the investigation closely with the health Department.

The health Department is looking for other Sufferers

The district office reported that the four Hepatitis C cases were in patients known to operations in the Danube-Ries clinic in donauwörth. "According to current knowledge, it must be assumed that the Transmission of the Virus by a doctor at the hospital was the infected with the Virus war", it was called by the circle authority to the cause.

Now the health Department is looking for other possibly Diseased. "Subsequently now written to all other potentially affected patients by the health Department and asked for investigations."

Hepatitis C infections are according to the Robert Koch-Institute is usually chronic, and are one of the most important causes of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Worldwide, the disease am diseases the most common infectious, Germany belong to the countries with a low prevalence.