Cancer symptoms: The sleep habit which could be a warning sign of the deadly disease

Cancer is a condition where cells in a certain part of the body grow and begin to reproduce uncontrollably. As the cancer advances it begins to destroy surrounding tissue and organs. With more than one in three people developing some from of cancer during their lifetime in the UK, and with there being no cure, recognising the symptoms as early on as possible is the key to survival. One symptom which could be overlooked, particular as the weather gets warmer, can occur during sleep.

Very heavy night sweats can be a symptom of cancer

Very heavy night sweats can be a symptom of cancer, according to Cancer Research UK.

While it can be caused by infections, be a side effect of medication, or a symptom of menopause, in some cases it can indicate the disease.

The cancer charity says: “Very heavy, drenching night sweats can also be a sign of cancer and should be checked out by your doctor.

Night sweats may be an early symptom of leukaemia, lymphoma, bone cancer, liver cancer or mesothelioma.

It’s unclear why some types of cancer cause night sweats, say experts at Healthline, but it could happen because your body is trying to fight the cancer.

An explanation given on the site is: “Hormone level changes may also be a cause.

“When cancer causes a fever, your body may sweat excessively as it tries to cool down.

“In some cases, night sweats occur due to cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, drugs that alter hormones, and morphine.”

The NHS lists other signs and symptoms of cancer to be aware of:

  • Lump in your breast
  • Coughing, chest pain and breathlessness
  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Bleeding
  • Moles
  • Unexplained weight loss

While these symptoms are often caused by other, non-cancerous illnesses, it’s important to see your GP, who can then check you out.

If your GP suspects cancer you’ll be referred to a specialist who will then carry out tests, such as a biopsy or X-ray.

The four most common cancers across the nation are breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK.

One of the main symptoms of this type of cancer to be wary of is linked to when your urinate. 

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