Cancer breakthrough: Revolutionary new breath test could detect cancer in minutes

Experts explain that the technology provides far more accurate readings than other models because it works at the level of “nanoparticles”. It also uses artificial intelligence to identify specific chemicals, or “biomarkers”, produced by a range of diseases. Previous devices have only been able to detect biomarkers when present in large quantities.

It will first be trialled on lung cancer, but experts say it will be able to detect a range of cancers as well as other diseases, includingTB and dementia.

The first trials are to be carried out this autumn in two NHS hospitals and at two in the US.

If the first human trials prove successful scientists at ANCON Medical, which is behind the technology, said the kits could be on the market within two years.

Dr Glyn Hiatt-Gipson, who has helped develop the technology, said: “This is more sensitive than the nose of a dog and is powered by AI so is constantly evolving.

“My vision is that within a decade patients will be able to breath into this mouthpiece and doctors will be able to diagnose as many as 400 different diseases in just one breath.”

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