'Botched' Star Dr. Terry Dubrow Says Cardi B Needs To See A Doctor 'Very Quickly' For Her Swollen Feet

  • Dr. Terry Dubrow appeared on TMZ Live to share his concerns about Cardi B’s plastic surgery side effects.
  • Cardi had shared a photo of her swollen feet on Instagram Stories
  • Dr. Dubrow advised Cardi to see her doctor immediately and treat her surgery recovery seriously.

Cardi B’s been dealing with lingering plastic surgery side effects for a while now.

While it’s unclear exactly when Cardi got surgery (she reportedly underwent liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries), the Grammy-winning rapper was forced to cancel shows in May per doctor’s orders. Cardi also recently shared a pretty shocking photo of her swollen feet after a flight—apparently a complication from her recent plastic surgeries.

Turns out, that swollen foot photo seriously concerned Botched star, plastic surgeon Terry Dubrow, MD—and now, he’s opening up to TMZ Live to sound the alarm on Cardi’s recent surgery side effects.

“The fact that her legs are still this swollen indicates that there’s something more going on than we’re actually hearing about,” Dr. Dubrow said in the interview with TMZ Live. “There’s an obstruction to flow back to the heart. That means there’s a problem from the liposuction in the groin that we don’t know about.”

Want more advice from Dr. Dubrow? Here’s the trendy diet he follows:

Clearly, that sounds incredibly serious—and while Dr. Dubrow has never personally checked Cardi out, he still voiced his concerns.

What’s Dr. Dubrow’s advice for the rapper? He recommends a doctor’s appointment, pronto. “If you don’t behave it can result in a really significant complication that can compromise your life,” he said.

Dr. Dubrow also went on to warn Cardi that “plastic surgery is as serious as any other kid of surgery,” and to treat it as such. “She really needs to get it together,” he added. “It just bothers me that she’s this far out and still having leg swelling.”

Here’s to hoping Cardi sets an appointment with a doc ASAP, if she continues to have these uncomfortable surgical side effects.

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