Accident: the man amputated his own leg with a pocket knife

Terrible work accident: US-Farmer amputates own leg with a knife

In the US, a Farmer came while working with one leg in an agricultural device, drawing him ever deeper into the machine. The 63-Year-old, it was clear that he had to quickly make a decision. The man amputated with a pocket knife its own leg to free itself.

The leg remained in agricultural equipment stuck

Kurt Kaser worked on his Farm in the US state of Nebraska, as he got into a terrible Situation. His leg remained in an agricultural unit, as the 63-Year-old Corn dumping. The man realized that he had to quickly make a decision, and amputated with a pocket knife its own leg to free itself.

Amputation with a pocket knife

“I was sure that I would pass out, but somehow something told me that I should continue,” said Kaser of the news channel, “NBC News” in a telephone interview.

“I did what I thought that I must do, and it worked.”

According to the figures, the accident occurred at the end of April. The 63-Year-old stated that he was on his Farm during the Unloading of grain with a leg in a screw conveyor. The machine was still running.

He explained that his family was home and he didn’t know when they would come to the Farm.

After he had unsuccessfully tried to free himself, he resorted to a pocket knife, which he wore, and the leg is cut free.

Farmer eat optimistic

“I could feel like I the nerves of average,” said Kaser. “Finally, I was going on and began to crawl to the house.”

According to him, the whole ordeal lasted about five minutes. Nevertheless, the man is sound, according to “NBC News” in this regard, and due to the loss of the lower half of his leg confident.

If he think of other people who were in the hospital, make he aware that he was still the greatest part of his leg, and I hope to soon be able to walk again.

“There are a lot of people in these places, in a wheelchair, and never be run,” said the 63-Year-old.

On the question of how he could the Situation be regarded as positive, joked Kaser that this was due to his idiosyncratic nature. “I’m stubborn. I never give up.“

Painful Recovery Process

After he had freed himself from the machine, crawled Kaser to his house and called the rescue service.

He was taken to a hospital and later in a different hospital to be flown, in the his daughter works.

After a week in the hospital and two more weeks in a rehabilitation clinic, he was released.

His recovery process was painful, but he was determined to go back. The married father of three adult children I have talked with Doctors about a prosthetic leg.

“I like to be on the go and I know that I’ll be there,” said Kaser.

Similar misfortune was filmed

In the report of the “NBC News”, it is pointed out that the incident is reminiscent of a scene in the movie “127 Hours”.

James Franco plays the real adventurer Aron Ralston, who was trapped in a Canyon in Southeast Utah, because a boulder fell on his Arm.

After Ralston had spent days in the Canyon, he freed himself, he amputated his Arm.

Amputation in the history

Today, there is the cutting away of limbs as punishment under Islamic rule. According to the Surah 5:38 of the Qur’an thieves Hand should be cut off, according to Sura 5:33, for highway robbery and the fight against the messenger of God’s hands and feet with a cross. In historical Islam imposed by the judge both sentences only rarely, and at the turn of the 20th century. Century did away with almost all States, these penalties.

Unuterbrochen were the amputations in Saudi Arabia under the rule of the Wahhabis. The triumph of the Islamists since 1972, brought in Libya, Pakistan, Iran, Sudan and Parts of Nigeria, the cutting off of hands and feet in the prison; in Sudan alone there were between 1983 and 1985 to 120 amputations. This practice is implemented. (ad)