A Woman Told Her Family That Her Step-Sister's Fiancé Propositioned Her & Reddit Is Shocked

I’m usually here for some wedding-related drama, but this story from a stressed-out Redditor is way more upsetting than your standard pettiness. The Reddit user in question took to the /AmITheAsshole Subreddit for some insight into a nightmare situation: Apparently, she was propositioned by her step-sister’s fiancé, and when she told her family what happened, she was chastised for “ruining” the wedding.

For context, the AITA Redditor (28F) has a step-sister, Jen (29F). “Our parents got together when we were teenagers, and Jen and I never clicked,” she wrote in her original post. “I have nothing against her, we just aren’t close.”

In her early 20s, she worked at her step-dad’s company alongside Jen, who still does. There, she befriended a male colleague named Pete, whom people joked was always into her. “I never saw him like that and he never said anything so I didn’t pay much attention to the possibility,” she recalled. “However, when I started dating my now-husband, things got a bit awkward with Pete. When I quit my job, and Pete and I didn’t really stay in contact, but we followed each other on social media. It was a few months later that I saw on Pete’s social media that he had started seeing Jen.”

Fast-forward to the present day: Jen and Pete are engaged, and Jen and the Redditor’s parents have agreed to finance the entire wedding. That was all well and good up until a recent interaction between Pete and the Reddit user at a different wedding of a former colleague.

“Pete was a little over-friendly at the reception, which I put down to alcohol,” OP wrote. “Later in the evening though, I was outside getting some air and Pete came out and basically propositioned me. I made it clear I was extremely uncomfortable and went back inside.”

Yikes. Naturally, this presented an ethical quandary for our poor Redditor, who felt obligated to tell her step-sister about her fiancé’s shitty, creepy behavior.

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“The next day I called Jen and told her everything,” she recalled. “She accused me of trying to ruin her relationship, and said that I shouldn’t make the whole situation worse by telling her dad, since I’d already done enough to sabotage her relationships.” Ouch! The Redditor agreed, mostly because she didn’t want to get involved in this already messy situation.

Unfortunately, Pete came up in conversation during a recent Skype call between OP and her parents — and when his name was floated, her family clocked her uncomfortable facial expression.

“I insisted it was nothing but it turned out they’d seen Pete follow me out at the wedding and had their own theories about what he’d done to upset me, all of which were worse than what actually happened,” she explained. “After 20 minutes of them thinking the worst, I told them the truth. I begged them not to do anything about it, since Jen and Pete worked it out, but my stepdad was livid. He called Jen and they had a huge fight, and he refused to pay for the wedding, or even attend.”

Now, Jen is putting her on blast for “ruining her wedding” and destroying Pete’s career — in other words, victim-blaming her own step-sister. “My friends say I did nothing wrong,” the Redditor wrote, “but my stepdad is now not speaking to Jen, and her whole wedding has been cancelled because of me, so I do feel guilty. AITA?”

Um, newsflash to Jen: Her fiancé is the one in the wrong here, and he should be bearing the brunt of her anger and frustration. In fact, it’s a miracle that she even wants to go through with the wedding after her partner came on to her step-sister. Luckily, AITA Redditors were 100 percent in agreement.

“NTA,” one user in the comments opined. “The wedding has not been canceled because of you, it’s been canceled because of Pete. I doubt this is the first time Pete did this to a woman, and that’s why your parents thought the worst of what happened. This was probably the last straw.”

“How did Pete think was going to end?” someone else wrote. “If he really believed that you would take him up on his offer, he was blowing his career up anyway as well as his relationship. Jen’s also TA for blaming you in this matter when she should have placed all of the blame on Pete.”

“Your step-sister doesn’t realize this yet, but you did her a huge favor by being honest with your parents,” another commenter shared. “And she’s a bit of an idiot by still wanting to go through with the wedding. Block her friends and move on with your life.”

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