A dangerous measles outbreak in lower Saxony

In lower Saxony, Germany up to 11. March 2019 has already occurred diseases more measles than in all of last year. Measles are extremely contagious and potentially deadly. However, not all parents follow the recommendations of Doctors and have their children vaccinated.

Up to 11. March 2019, have been demonstrated in lower Saxony 26 measles disease. The focus with 18 cases, is associated with a measles outbreak in the district of Hildesheim. Of the current measles cases, adults are affected between 20 and 50 years of age (12 cases).

Measles are extremely contagious and can have consequences dangerous late: in addition to the acute illness can lead to the dreaded SSPE (subacute sclerosing Panencephalitis). The SSPE is a partial only after years of occurring inflammation of the brain, which can not be treated. All of the patients affected die from it. Children are particularly at risk in the first year of life, are still too young for a measles-Mumps-rubella(MMR) vaccination.

"It is not understandable to me why, in spite of these data, parents don’t vaccinate their children lassen", the pediatrician Dr. med says. Burkhard Rodeck, Secretary-General of the German society for child and youth medicine (DGKJ). The expert refuted misinformation about the Vaccination: "A recent study from Denmark 657.000 children refuted once again the often expressed suspicion of the onset of autism after a Masernimpfung". Even lower Saxony’s Minister of culture, Grant Hendrik Tonne of appeals: "Parents and their children to get vaccinated. Anyone who refused the Vaccination, endangered his children and the children of others."

The Standing Committee on vaccination (STIKO) at the Robert Koch-Institute recommends for babies and small children a two-piece combination vaccination against measles, Mumps, rubella, and, where appropriate, chickenpox. The second and last vaccination is best given, at the latest, towards the end of the second year of life, with 23 months. Who has no documented Vaccination against measles, should make up for the vaccination in the adult age.


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