Viva la Vulva!

The female sex parts don’t have it easy. Over thousands of years they have been hiding and shame. Now, you will be released to the mercy, and find themselves on Cupcakes, handbags and in music videos. The Vulva – the outer, visible part of the female genital organs – is the new It-Piece.

The fashion picks up on the theme, plush and sparkling Vaginas decorated already all the collections. The goal: provocation, taboo breaking and a change in our viewing habits.

Only pink and with fur-trimmed Fendi scarf shot obviously over the top: He was removed from the shop after you had a good time on the net extensively about him. It’s a pity, perhaps, you will feel like a new person when you put his head through it?

Even a Vagina-the Museum is a work in progress, because the British woman Florence Schechter was amazed that although there is a Penis Museum in Iceland, they found but the world is not a single place that provides information on the history, the culture and the anatomy of the female genital organs. Now she’s looking for suitable exhibition spaces for their Mission to end the stigma of the female body.

The new way of dealing with the female reproductive parts also leads to a discussion of the correct choice of words. The term Vagina has become socially acceptable. It speaks also slowly that it is referred to in medical language as only the inner tube of Muscle and not the visible gender.

Now the labia are under observation. Currently, the author is calling for interior Gunda wind müller and Mithu Sanyal in a Petition: The word labia should be replaced in the dictionary by “vulva lips”. No woman should be ashamed of their sexual parts, they argue. And since the origin of the word shame is even the basis for the noun shame is the thought to understand. To be consistent, we would have to change but also the concepts of the pubic bone, pubic hair, and pubic area for both sexes.

More Vagina-Fun!

But what the new movement is bringing us around the Vulva and Vagina? A loving, appreciative glance at the female reproductive parts is the goal, but many women are today. Because you have learned so a deal never. This also makes the comic artist Katja Klengel in her book, “girls plaining”: “the fear of The… uh… whatchamacallit begins in childhood.”

Children decorate in elementary school the walls with Penis drawings, but an anatomically correct Vulva can’t even paint most of the adults. Female dolls are either sexless, or have a maximum of two body openings. To explain that to his child like this?: “Great Doctors have placed the bowel and urethra are already in the body of your doll together so that you only need a hole for Poop and pee!” Not very convincing – and the new attempt: “The doll industry is not the way the Vagina so that you get stupid thoughts!”

Now it is really exciting – what are the children’s thoughts might be? In any case, not nearly as many as adults have. Who searches the Internet for anatomically correct baby dolls, faster on sex toy sites again, as he can see.

A less uptight view on the Vulva and Vagina, is missing. The idea is this: The looser and the more we talk about our “down there” and the more images we see, the more beautiful we find the Vulva and Vagina. And the more relaxed our sexuality is.

But, is this true? A measure Albuch with Vagina-Mandalas and a Vulva-Watching Seminar to inner and outer liberation lead? Or the confrontation with a hitherto relatively undiscovered part of the body only means that there are to optimize a woman something New?

Of men learn

Today, shame to be removed hair or trimmed landing strips or arrows. Also cosmetic surgery to the female genitalia lie in the Trend, because where clearcutting dominates, it can hide any skin fold.

It is particularly important, therefore, that We should doubt our ideals and not our body. The creation of a new beauty ideal of the perfect Vulva doesn’t need a man. Every Vulva is unique – no two alike -just as you would any ear, any nose and every Penis.

To doubt instead of to us or even around snipping, let’s cut us a slice of the men, and we learn of their Proud of the “best pieces”. We have one, too.