Power-Napping – guide and importance for the short sleep

A short sleep for more energy

Power-Napping, a “big” term for a small thing – a short sleep, properly executed, provides new energy. All of which have a place of refuge, should indulge in in need of such a rest to be fit again for the rest of the day. What is power Napping mean, how this works and how this sleep shape is performed, you will learn in the next lines.

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Fresh back to the workplace

A hectic morning, a lot of Stress – now, many of the Affected tendons after a short break. Who does not know, the leaden fatigue in or after the lunch break. Right now really would run a power NAP, makes sense, since this has an enormously relaxing effect and efficiency. So a NAP in the lunch break is still a No-Go. The work is connected with great effort, of the inner pig dog has to be overcome.

Professor Dr. Göran Hajak, medical Director of the sleep medical centre of the University hospital of Regensburg, has found that daily phases of sleep promote the efficiency to a great extent. The fatigue in the early afternoon, hanging with the biorhythm. Therefore, it should be yielded, according to Professor Dr. Göran Hajak, the need. A short “NAP” bring back Freshness, concentration and performance. This has been demonstrated in many studies. It should not however be taken to ensure that the power NAP lasts longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the internal clock of the appliance from the clock.

Special rooms for the break

In countries such as the USA, Canada and England the employer to go with this topic. So special “silent rooms” or “relax rooms”, in which there are employees on rest or special chairs can comfortably do exist. This is supported with gentle music and a soothing light and colour impulses. An extremely positive role model in Germany, the municipal administration in lower Saxony, Vechta. There, the employees are allowed since the year 2000, your desire to indulge in the lunch time a little sleep, offspring.

At noon a little break to sleep or rest

Sleep researchers have found that power Napping does not Sleep. The short sort of drift off, switch Off, stand here in the foreground. A Lie down was not required. A relaxed posture, even when Sitting, completely. Dr. Martin Braun of the Stuttgart Fraunhofer Institute for work economy and organization notes that the best time for a power NAP time is between 12 and 14 hours. This is a time filled in our hectic lives, but usually with other things. Maybe a rethink would be needed.

Brown also says that – as we all know – the NAP is particularly frowned upon in our area, still. In Mediterranean countries, where the daily routine is very different, approve many of the people in the lunch break like a break. In the municipality of Hillerod, a Danish town in the heart of Copenhagen, in 2002 carried out an investigation. This noted the following: The civil servants who work there, and for lunch, a short NAP, work in the afternoon better than the one not treat yourself to this time out. This resting period is set to since then, even in the service contract in writing.


To fill In the lunch time staff is important. This is best done using a power nappings. However, this does not always succeed on the first attempt. Switch-off has to be learned. Learning this can not, however, turn off any/R Who is not, the relaxation exercises help, like Yoga, autogenic Training or progressive muscle relaxation. The latter is quite easy to learn. The principle of this relaxation technique is based on the fact that a conscious, strong Tensing of the muscles has increased blood flow.

A power-Napping to perform properly, the date is important. At best this is, as already mentioned, between 12 and 14 hours. After 15 clock no longer recommend short sleep, because the night’s rest may be disturbed. On the habitual coffee after lunch. The effect of caffeine occurs only after 20 minutes and does not interfere with the recovery process. So you can really relax, find a quiet place and a comfortable sitting or reclining option. At home this of course is quite easy, there you lay on the Couch or slouch in your favorite chair. However, the Lie down is not a mandatory requirement. A comfortable seat, a chair or the car seat.

Darkness facilitates a “Dive”. If this is not possible, use a sleeping mask. Furthermore, rest is important. The ambient noise shield, you can use earplugs. Quiet music, perhaps through headphones, supports the Rest. The best room temperature for a healthy night’s sleep is between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius. The above-mentioned relaxation techniques to facilitate Sleep. So you don’t get into the deep phase of sleep, is an alarm clock needed to Wake you after no more than 20 minutes. People who power NAP perform regularly, Wake up with the time but also often alone. You should stimulate to the resting phase of their cycle. Possibly with stairs to climb, with a few stretching exercises and a glass of water or herbal tea. Light means “time to Wake up”. Soak up some sun light, in order to be fully awake again.

Effect on the memory

Power Napping does not only have a positive impact on Fitness and performance, but also on the memory. Harvard University has conducted an interesting Experiment in which subjects had to make a list of words to remember. Half of the subjects had to perform after a power NAP, the Other stayed awake. Four hours later, the Tests were repeated. The results surprised the researchers, because the memory was increased by the NAP. Other studies show that sporting performance or, for example, the Learning of an instrument from the short sleep benefit. The ability to concentrate can be increased as well.

What is the NAP can still

So a NAP is not only a mental, or physical Fitness, but also makes a good mood. The happiness hormone Serotonin is responsible. Furthermore, creativity is encouraged. During the power nappings, the heart beats slower, the respiratory frequency, blood pressure and body temperature decrease. At the same time, the energy consumption is low. Also, the supply of oxygen to the entire body is improved.


A NAP is normally associated with small children. This need to sleep, in order afterwards to be fit again. But also the adults. So a short sleep, or a brief period of rest known helps today, especially under the concept of a power NAP, to relax, to regenerate, and then again recovered and to be powerful. The difference to the midday sleep of the children lies mainly in the duration. So a NAP should not be in adult for longer than 20 minutes. Otherwise, the person feels as whacked and needs quite a long time to get back in gear. The success lies here, without exception, in the near future.

After a power NAP, the Most really feel at ease and be able to do full force the rest of the workload of the day. Studies say that people with this small break, treat yourself to lunch, have a 27 percent better performance than those who do not sleep. Power Napping is an elixir of life. During a work day or home, if a mother spends the whole day with the children – You have earned a midday break for a while. Equally, parents who provide for their grandchildren to draw large, by a power-Napping. And not only the persons mentioned by a small lunch break benefit. For example, students who come tired and exhausted from school to home should plan, as a power Napping into your daily schedule. This will help you to Learn, and sometimes the performances improve. (sw)