Glossier Closes Retail Locations Due to COVID-19

Emily Weiss is temporarily closing Glossier's stores in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Glossier chief executive officer said in a blog post Thursday night that she would close the company's permanent and temporary retail locations for a minimum of two weeks. Glossier will also postpone the unveiling of its Arizona location, which was slated to open next week.
Glossier will continue to compensate employees who were scheduled to work.
Glossier's New York City flagship, which opened in 2018, is said to draw nearly 2,000 people from around the world daily. Weiss acknowledged in her blog post that closing this store — as well as the Los Angeles, London and Atlanta locations —  will "sacrifice some near-term business goals, but we're prepared to put public health ahead of our bottom line."
Weiss wrote that the decision came after she read an article in The Atlantic called "Cancel Everything."
"As a first-time ceo running a five-year-old start-up through its first global crisis, I read that Atlantic piece from bed last night with a heavy heart ('social distancing' is basically the opposite of our mission), and reconsidered my original position of 'let’s follow, not lead' on the retail front," Weiss wrote in Glossier's blog post.
"We’re not alarmists, we’re realists," she added.
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