CEW at 65: Lisa Klein on Driving CEW’s Development Side

My very first job out of college was as the associate beauty editor at Harper’s Bazaar, where I worked for Carlotta Jacobson, who was the beauty editor. We both left the magazine in 1992, and I moved to Scarsdale, N.Y., and raised my two children. When Carlotta started to work for CEW in 1999, she brought me in. I started gradually, a day or two a week. I’d put the kids on the bus and race into the city. I would do whatever they needed me to do.

When I started full-time, I became head of membership. We had 400 members then, versus over 10,000 today. I also went to the events department when I started full-time. I say department, but I’m speaking loosely — there were four people in CEW when I started.

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