Benefit Gets Into Laser Facials With BenefitSkin

Benefit is betting on lasers.
The beauty company, which has been actively expanding beyond color cosmetics as of late, is rolling out a new laser facial service called BenefitSkin. The treatment soft-launched this month in San Francisco, with plans to expand nationally throughout 2019 and 2020.
"Customers are much more open to new tools and technologies," said Sigrun Graeff, Benefit's senior vice president of global services. "Clients today don’t wait until they are at a certain age to use a superpower cream or a service. Clients of all age groups are interested in getting the best they can get."
Benefit offers 20 services to about eight million customers per year, according to Graeff. She declined to offer a sales projection, but industry sources predict that BenefitSkin could generate up to $100 million in sales annually once rolled out.
BenefitSkin uses a mild laser — a YAG that emits 1,064 nanometers of light — that reaches down into the dermis to target redness and jump-start collagen production. The procedure, $75, takes about 20 to 30 minutes and has zero downtime, which means clients can have it done in the middle of the day — a similar format to the popular laser facial service Skin Laundry offers.
To develop BenefitSkin, Benefit tapped Dr. Stanley Poulos, a California-based plastic surgeon with more than four decades of industry experience. The pair began working on the service four to five years ago.
"With the development of Botox, fillers increasing array of skin-care products, we’ve seen a change in terms of people seeking services at an earlier age," said Poulos. "People come to us wanting two or three things, and they don’t want something uncomfortable, they don’t want something absurdly expensive and they don’t want to have any downtime. Everyone’s busy and has their own job and they want to do a service that they can look better and get back to things immediately. That’s not always possible depending on what one’s goals are, but for this type of service, it is."
Poulos oversees a team of nurse practitioners, who are trained to screen patients prior to performing the procedure. The nurses are "experienced in lasers," said Poulos, who said he is also on hand as a backup if questions or concerns arise. "We feel we have such a safe device to provide these services, not something we have to worry about," he added.
BenefitSkin is available now at two San Francisco locations; a third location opens in the Bay Area soon. The company is planning a 2020 rollout nationwide, according to Graeff, and has plans to expand its service offerings beyond laser facials.
"We have an ability to scale services and maintain a high level of quality," said Graeff. "We are constantly updating and upgrading technologies and formulas and our techniques. We are working on several other services at the moment are planning to launch in the near future."
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