Ten important questions and answers about colorectal cancer screening

Starting in July, receive all statutory health insured men and women aged 50 years and above with a written invitation and information brochure on colorectal cancer screening. With a phone to action at the 25. and 26. June want to inform 0800/420 30 of the 40 experts of the cancer information service of the German cancer research center and the Foundation of life views of people about the chances of bowel cancer-early detection and clarify open questions. Ten answers to important questions you already now.

1. Why is the colorectal cancer-Früevaluation important?

Many of the annually re-occurring 61.000 bowel cancer cases could be reduced by an early detection can avoid or rather to diagnose. Colorectal cancer often arises from intestinal polyps, initially benign growths of the intestinal wall, which can be removed during a colonoscopy before they may be malignant. The colonoscopy is the most reliable method for the early detection of colorectal cancer, and the investigation is free of charge.

2. Why should Mämen starting at 50 years, a colonoscopy durchfüdo leave?

According to studies, men are affected earlier and more often in colon cancer than women.

3. What is done during the colonoscopy?

After a preparation of the colon with a 1.5-m long flexible hose of about 1 cm in diameter is investigated. In addition to a light source and a high resolution mini-camera devices, which track any polyps removed directly can be located on the hose.

4. What is the purpose of the stool test?

The immunological stool test a stool sample is examined for traces of blood, which could indicate colon polyps or cancer. The Test is striking, so is the Result a colonoscopy clarified. The chair test, however, is less reliable as a colonoscopy, because only blood to be detected at the end of the intestine changes.

5. What happens if you don’t at the Führerkennung takes part?

Participation is voluntary, refusal will have no consequences for the insurance protection. The health insurance covers the treatment costs for colorectal cancer even if there is no early detection has been carried out.

6. What if only recently, a colonoscopy durchgefüwas hrt?

Then, additional screening may not be necessary, but what will be discussed at with the attending doctor.

7. If I do a stool test, can I durchf&uuml a colonoscopy;do leave?

Yes, once again, to claim a stool test may be performed instead of the stool tests a colonoscopy.

8. What is with people, the jülonger than 50?

If you are at a higher risk, you can leave at a younger age have a colonoscopy to perform, for example, close relatives of colorectal cancer patients. Members should let a doctor for advice.

9. Even without an invitation, a stool test or a colonoscopy durchgef&uuml write;be hrt?

Yes, at the appropriate age, the offer can be used for the early detection of colorectal cancer even without an invitation.

10. What should I do if I was invited to participate möafraid of?

The stool test you can get to the doctors, gynecologist, urologist, or internist. A colonoscopy is carried out only by specialist physicians with appropriate qualifications, usually gastroenterologists.

The telephone action of the cancer information service and the Foundation for life-views will take place on 25. and 26. June 2019, respectively, from 8 to 20 hrs under 0800/420 30 40 instead.


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